Muira Puama Herbal Supplement

Muira Puama Supplement Info

Muira puama is a Brazilian tree found across the Amazon basin. It has a rich history of its facilitation in Brazilian folk medicine in the form of a stimulant.  The stem and root of the tree manifests medicinal benefits.

Benefits of Muira Puama Supplement

Therapeutic use and benefits of Muira Puama are various. Most popular of it all are:

  • The regional tribes of Brazil and its neighboring South American counties have been facilitating it since centuries for its medicinal values.

  • It was used by regional tribes as a stimulant to treat impotence. Eating the barks, stems or even root was the ways this plant was administered.

  • Muira puama was also popular as a tonic for nervous conditions and depressions and it was used to promote overall nervous system and soothe nerve pain.

  • It was also facilitated to treat rheumatism and upset stomach. A paste of the bark or root oils was applied to cure beriberi and paralysis.

  • In 1930 in Europe it was a famous supplement for curing erectile dysfunction.
    Although clinical studies and research are scanty, muira puama is still promoted today to treat erectile dysfunction and as a male stimulant.

  • It has also been administered to treat gastrointestinal disorders and indigestion.

  • This herb has also been reported to enhance mental concentration and clarity, according to the research conducted on animals.

  • It is also applied as a treatment for hair loss.

  • Its stimulating component also makes it beneficial as an herb for treating depression.

  • Women have used muira puama to treat the uneasiness and anxiety of menopause along with the cramping associated with menstruation.

  • Muira puama can be taken with other herbs, like damiana, guarana, catuaba, and suma, to catapult its effects.

Recommended Doses of Muira Puama

Local tribes in South America use this herbal supplement by chewing the bark or making tea using the bark, toots or stems. The general dosage used these days is 1 to 1.5 grams of the stem, bark or root. Muira puama can be found in the form of extract or powdered form in capsules also.

Potential Side Effects of Muira Puama Supplement

Muira puama is relatively safe if taken in the right proportion. But in few cases insomnia and discomfort have been reported with high doses. Given insufficient research with human subjects, pregnant women or a breast feeding mother should avoid this supplement. No toxicity has been noted with long term use of muira puama. No drug interactions have also been reported but it may increase the effect of erectile dysfunction drugs and supplements.