Health Benefits from MSM Supplement for Skin Disorders

Methylsulfonylmethane, in other words MSM is an important source of bio-available dietary sulphur which has a vital role in creation and regeneration of tissues. MSM supplements are used for pain, inflammation, allergies, arthritis, and the maintenance of normal keratin levels in hair, skin and nails. Recent reports support MSM supplements effective role in the treatment arthritis and seasonal allergic rhinitis. Human blood contains MSM in small amounts and it is also found in many foods including egg, milk, vegetables and meat. MSM mineral breaks down so easily that cooking will destroy them. This forces us to go for MSM supplements.

Benefits of MSM Supplement

  • Helps to speed up wound healing, reduces scar tissue, skin disorders, wrinkles, spots, skin tumors, lesions, burns and other skin damage.
  • Acts as building block for proteins, especially those found in the hair, muscles, and connective tissue of the joints and skin
  • MSM plays a role in collagen synthesis which keeps the skin soft, more resilient and supports hair and nail growth.
  • MSM supports stomach function and alleviates gastrointestinal complaints.
  • It has an anti-inflammatory function.
  • It provides Sulphur that enhances cells to produce energy at cellular levels.
  • MSM protects the body from parasites.
  • It has a detoxifying function.
  • Even over dose cannot cause much harm as the body expels excess amount of MSM along with toxins.
  • It helps in cellular makeup, i.e. replacement of old cells using new ones.
  • MSM supplements make colon efficient in absorbing nutrients and fluids properly.
  • It slows down the growth of cancerous cells.
  • Increases blood circulation and alleviates migraine.
  • MSM reduces pain of osteoarthritis.

Methylsulfonylmethane Supplement Side effects

There is no safety issues associated with MSM supplementation. There are evidences that support MSM supplementation even in pregnant women. The user should check the quality of MSM supplements and those who have heart and liver disease and who are currently using blood thinning drugs should consult a doctor before starting MSM supplementation.

MSM Supplement Dosage

MSM is available in the form of capsules, powder, tablets, lotion and gel. MSM powder is absorbed into the body quicker than MSM capsules. So MSM powder is suggested for people who suffer from acid reflux, heartburn and constipation. The recommended dosage for general maintenance and health is around 2 grams a day. The dosage ranges from 250 mg to 2,250 mg daily. Higher doses should be used to get therapeutic effects. 3 to 4 grams of MSM can be supplemented to reduce allergic symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, and burning eyes during pollen season. Divided doses are recommended if the MSM dose is high.