Motherly Care for New Born Babies

Be it a first-time mother or otherwise, caring for the new born is quite a challenge. A few helpful tips on motherly care for new born babies surely ensure you to enjoy the caring experience.

Basics of motherly care for new born babies:

  • Clean Hands: Ensure that your hands are clean when you handle your baby. As babies are more prone to infections, make sure that you wash your hands frequently.
  • Carrying the Baby: It is important to support the baby’s neck and head while holding the baby.
  • Gentle Movements: Let all the movements to the baby be gentle; be it rocking her to sleep or going out in the car or stroller, even just playful gestures. Vigorous shaking especially of the head might cause serious injury and even death.
  • Soothing the Baby: Sometimes babies cry for no particular reason. Motherly care for new born babies means soothing the baby at such times. To begin with, keep yourself calm. An agitated mother cannot calm her baby. Try holding your baby close to you and sing some lullabies, rocking and swaying the baby. Swaddling works well too. In this technique, wrap the baby securely from neck below in a baby wool towel. This keeps the baby warm and makes them feel secure.
  • Dealing with Diaper Rash: Make sure to change the diaper soon after a bowel movement and clean the area gently with a soft cloth. Expose the area to air at least for some part of the day. Moisturise with non-fragrant petroleum gel after diaper change.
  • Bath Time: Sponge bath is sufficient for the first 3 weeks after birth. Thereafter the baby would be ready for tub baths. Before a bath, undress your baby and gently place the baby inside a tub with 2-3 inches warm water, taking care that one hand always supports the baby’s head. Using mild baby soap, gently rinse all the areas and then clear all the lather by pouring water. After the bath, quickly cover the baby with a towel and dry the baby completely by wiping off all the water.