Monthly Home Maintenance

Monthly Home Maintenance

We all get into home maintenance activities at least twice a year: fall and spring. In reality, a few prominent areas should be analyzed, checked, and cleaned as the part of monthly home maintenance activities. Inspect your home once a month and you can inhibit expensive emergency repairs and add value to your most valuable asset. 

General Monthly Home Maintenance 

  • Check air conditioning or heating instruments and replace it if necessary. Buy many filters in a go and save yourself a last-minute urgent trip to the store. If you want a temporary solution, use a vacuum hose attachment over the filter. 
  • While cleaning or changing filters, run the vacuum or a duster to all intake vents, not only those that surrounds the filters. 
  • Clothes dryer fuzz can build up and become inflammable. Ensure the hose is debris free. For this take the dryer away from the wall. When you are outdoors, check the exterior vent also. 
  • If you are having fire extinguishers, inspect the gauge to ensure the air pressure is still there. 
  • The ceiling fan blades are great dust inviters. If you can approach the top sides along with a duster, give them a nice swipe and you won’t have to worry about its cleaning for next six-month mark. 
  • A quick inspection of emergency exits is always considered to be a good idea. Allow the escape windows open smoothly for even the smallest hands. 
  • You should count on some expert for taking care of electrical repairs. In addition you can perform one simple test to inspect the problems. Just press the test buttons on every ground fault receptacle to know if they are working properly. 
  • As you inspect your home’s interior, take a look at all doorjambs, windows, and walls. Signs of foundations troubles will often unearth in these areas first. Windows and doors should open and close smoothly without any effort. 

Monthly Home Maintenance of Bathroom

  • Take an intense look at the faucets and shower heads. Shower tips are generally simple to remove and can be dipped in vinegar to inhabit blockage. Spray vinegar on sink faucets for proper working. 
  • Have a look at caulking around tubs and showers. Treat mildew the day it appears. Fix cracks with sealing appropriate for the job. 
  • The toilet bowl should be regularly attended, but you may be neglecting the reservoir. This is a breeding area for mold and slime. Allow the water to drain out and spray some disinfectant into it and scrub, if required. 

Monthly Home Maintenance of Kitchen 

  • Place a few ice cubes in the drain and run the water for a minute or two. This will inhibit the blades from becoming dull and clears dried-on food particles. It is also an option to spray a little vinegar or baking soda into the drain. Leave it on for about half an hour and then run cold water. 
  • Grease builds up in the vent over the stove which can become combustible. If you don’t change the filter, at least allow some soapy water onto it and then rinse. You should also inspect the fan and clean it, if needed. 
  • The refrigerator is a great water and dust reservoir. Empty the drain pans and dust the flange at the bottom. 

Monthly Home Maintenance of Outdoor Areas

  • For this you will require one tool, a pole with a coat hanger fixed to the end. 
  • You don’t require a ladder to clean your gutters. Simply fix a coat hanger to a mop handle or a broom, swirl it into an upside down question mark and clean off the insides for nests and other hindrances. You may require a ladder if you can’t take off the obstacles from the ground. 
  • Look all over your air conditioning unit and water heater and ensure the hoses are in working conditions without any cracks or other types of wear. 
  • Review the garage door’s reverse action by placing a solid heavy object on the ground and closing the door. If your door is chain-based, use a lubricant advised by the manufacturer to ward off noise and jerky movement. 
  • Now have a stroll around your entire home for a fencing or foundation inspection. Look for any type of cracks and signs of carpenter ant or termite infection. 
  • Leaks from broken pipes underneath your house might not catch your eyes until major damage is witnessed. After turning off the main valve to the water supply, if the meter keeps running, it’s a sign that a leak has occurred somewhere underground. 
  • Finally, incorporate in your routine the cleaning of at least one major appliance or finish one big job every month. Clean out the fridge and wipe it properly, remove those stubborn stains out of the carpet, or discard the paint and do a quick finishing touch on nicks. 


Albeit, emergencies can unearth at any time, it is simple to remain on top of any uncalled problems in your home. You’re inhibiting your investment and ensure that the other weekend hours remain more enjoyable.

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