Moksha Yoga

History of Moksha Yoga

It is quite possible that the concept of moksha was first coined in India by non-Aryan people outside of the caste system whose spiritual concepts immensely influenced later Indian religious beliefs. Buddhism and Jainism are trails of this tradition, and the early Upanishadic movement was impacted by it. Reincarnation was probably adopted from this religious tradition by Brahmin orthodoxy. The earliest recorded scriptures, written by Brahmins, manifesting these ideas in the early Upanishads were found. 

What is Moksha Yoga

Moksha Yoga is not simply a type of Yoga that is done by majority of population. This is the type of Yoga that is conducted in hot room. It is frequently also termed as Hot Yoga. Since this needs heat, you will obviously sweat profusely. And during this, all unwanted toxins from your body will be drained out. This is also a great workout for those who are seeking methods to shed pounds. It is one of the excellent cardiovascular exercises for those who want to stay fit and appealing. Hence, people who do Moksha Yoga stay healthy and fit all the time.

Benefits of Moksha Yoga

Majority of the population love to try this type of yoga as it offers numerous benefits. This is not just an ordinary workout. This is also beneficial for your mental health. Below are some of the benefits that this famous physical exercise regime offers to its followers. 

It is the Ideal Stress Buster: People who are tired of their jobs, this is the best and ideal yoga to rely upon. Through its breathing regime, you can get rid of all your worries and pressures. You can do this for 60-90 minutes. Just try to figure out the time frame of breathing in and out; it will obviously ward off all your bad thoughts.

Great Treatment for Scoliosis: This illness is resultant of a slight curve on the spine. As this activity is full of stretching, it helps in strengthening the spine. It does not actually cure the illness, but this is a great way to alleviate the pain and allows you practice a good posture.

Cures Simple Headaches: These pains are experienced due to the stiffness of the muscles in the neck and shoulder area. Moksha yoga can relax those painful parts, and the blood flow will work more efficiently. As a result, it reduces headaches or entirely ceases them. People, suffering from migraines, are recommended to involve in these kinds of activities as frequents as they can.

How to Do and What to Expect

Every Moksha Yoga Studio is run by professional and certified trainers, teachers who are certified by the founders. This yoga starts and concludes its yoga sessions with savasana. Students can be asked to set an intention to their yoga practice sessions, and then they can shift to standing postures. After the warm up, the students begin a floor exercise that includes activities that strengthen the spine, upper body and hips.


Moksha Yoga has been embraced by a number of people. Athletes are profound lovers of Yoga. This is because it enables them obtaining the endurance for their practices and performance. In addition, it boosts mental focus to the players.  As a result, Moksha Yoga has already penetrated into the lives of every individual.  This workout should certainly become a part of everybody's lives.