Modern Engagement Rings

Conventionally, engagement ring is the formal agreement between the couple to their future marriage. Shopping for engagement ring is really overwhelming especially when you are doing it with your partner. Budget, gem stone type, cut & carat etc are the most important factors to consider but the trend or style of the engagement ring is also equally important. Some couples like to create their own design in traditional style while others choose the latest trends that are readily available in the market. With the availability of wide range of modern engagement rings, it is really difficult to choose between the traditional and modern styles.

Features of Modern Engagement Rings:


Most of the traditional engagement rings are typically made of yellow gold, silver or platinum in classical solitaire style while, the modern engagement rings have simple and sleek designs that use different types of metals like titanium, palladium or other color combinations that cater perfectly to the needs of modern day brides.


The modern engagement rings are more associated with white diamonds rather than colored diamonds and gem stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, yellow diamonds etc. However, some of the modern designs include the mystique colored diamonds like blue, black, red hue etc embedded in contemporary white or rose gold or other colored metals.


With great prices and top line designs, the modern engagement rings incorporate most elaborate patterns that are handcrafted ideally with extreme fine attention. Whether it is a straight tapered head design or carved or crossover style all modern engagement rings portray spectacular art work in different metals and colored stones.

Shape and Setting:

The modern engagement rings vary from the traditional styles in the stone shape and settings. While the traditional rings are round in shape with four or six prongs or claws, the modern unique designs use exclusive unusual diamond cuts like heart, square, princess, star and flower with bezel or channel settings. In case of small diamonds the pave or bead settings, hammer or gypsy designs are the most renowned styles which involve fixing the small diamonds into the metal of the ring, flush with the surface.

Personalized and Unique:

There are thousands of varieties in modern engagement rings which are different and unique in the size, carat weight and form. Whether it is oval shaped vintage approach or trendy square form band, all modern engagement rings are easily customizable according to the personal taste and budget. On the other hand, people who cannot afford to buy expensive modern diamond rings opt for alternative gem stones to make it more colorful and outstanding.

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