Mitral Valve Regurgitation procedure

Mitral Valve Regurgitation Procedure

Minimum Requirements For Mitral Valve Regurgitation

Before undergoing any major surgery you need to be clear about certain aspects of the surgery which may include:

At the time you make the appointment make sure to ask if there is any preparation you need to do beforehand. You should note down any symptoms you’re experiencing, encompassing any that may appear unrelated to mitral valve regurgitation.

Make a checklist of any key personal information, encompassing a family history of heart disease, heart disorders, genetic disorders, BP or diabetes and any prominent stresses or recent life changes.

Generate a list of drugs along with any supplements that you're taking currently.

Carry a family member or friend along. He may help you in your activities or may indicate something that you have skipped or forgot.

Preparation for Mitral Valve Regurgitation

Mitral Valve Regurgitation is also called as mitral regurgitation. This is a type of bodily condition in which the mitral valve leaflets do not clasp tightly. This impairment in valve enables the blood to go back in your heart and is often termed as a leaking heart valve.

Your physician will give you specific details on how to prepare for the surgery. You need to contact your insurance company to ascertain coverage and ensure if a referral is required.

Surgery Day Preparation

On reporting to preoperative nursing clinic you will be asked to slip into a hospital gown. A nurse will view your chart and ascertain that all paperwork is in order. You will be carried to a pre-operative area and an anesthesiologist will start with IV. Prior to any drugs being administered your surgeon will cross check your name and the kind of process you are going to have. You will be carried to the operating unit. After the application of right anesthesia, surgery will be performed.

Process of Mitral Valve Regurgitation 

Your mitral valve may require surgically fixed or replaced. The surgery options may include:

Valve Repair

Mitral valve repair is a surgery that consolidates the natural valve. The mitral valve has two triangular-shaped flaps of tissue - leaflets. The leaflets of the mitral valve associates with the heart muscle via a ring called the annulus. The surgeon can repair the natural valve to stop backward blood flow. Surgeons can also fix the valve by reconnecting valve leaflets or by detaching excess valve tissue so that the leaflets can clasp firmly.

Valve Replacement

Valve replacement is conducted when valve repair is of no use. In valve replacement surgery, the ruptured mitral valve is replaced by an artificial valve.