Minimum Requirements of Rhytidectomy

Popularly known as “face lift”, Rhytidectomy is basically removal of wrinkles through surgical procedure. It comes under the purview of cosmetic surgery and is used quite commonly to get a youthful appearance. Excess facial skin is removed thereby tightening underlying tissues in this procedure. Skin is tightened and given new shape on the face and neck region. According to statistics, facelifts are sixth most popular surgery in the world. It is an expensive procedure and many people are unable to afford it. Improvement in appearance makes people go for this procedure and is highly successful among celebrities, models and affluent people.

Minimum Requirements for Rhytidectomy

  • Face lifts are meant for people who have extremely loose skin and their job demands are such that they need to undergo this procedure.
  • People who have strong bone structure but their skin sags due to elastic skin goes for this procedure.
  • Doctor before advising operation will ask certain questions to know about the blood pressure or any other medical problem. This is done to avoid further complications during surgery.
  • Patient must not have problems such as clotting, allergies or blisters on the mouth or any acne.

Preparation for Rhytidectomy

  • The patients are evaluated carefully before deciding on the need for operation.
  • The patient must ask about different techniques and procedures of Rhytidectomy as newer methods are less invasive in comparison to traditional methods.
  • While preparing for the operation, it is important for the patient to avoid smoking, drinking, abusing drugs, etc. so that there is no complication later on.
  • A battery of tests is recommended by doctors before surgery to rule out any other medical problem.
  • Physically healthy person having positive approach towards life can undergo this procedure.

Process of Rhytidectomy

  • The process is performed in conjunction with brow lift so as to rectify problem of sagging or brow that becomes deeply furrowed.
  • Eyelid surgery is also done to rejuvenate eyes that age and have crow feet.
  • It is important to note that non surgical treatments cannot give results that can be given by surgical treatment.
  • From simple skin lifting to deeper plane lifting techniques that are more complex, the procedure has undergone lot of change.
  • An incision is made in the front and at the back of the ear that sometimes extend up to scalp.
  • Excess skin is either removed or repositioned to remove wrinkles entirely.
  • A more youthful contour can be derived by tightening the soft tissues of the face.