Mental Well Being

What is Mental Well Being?

Mental well being is a state of mind which can provide a comprehensive positive support to be happy in life. Being happy in life is really crucial as we cannot measure, find or estimate when sad feeling will come. However, we can make out a solution to be happy in life. Yes, the fact is to understand a critical philosophical idea and the idea is to find happiness in the midst of sad or suffering. People directly deny that it is very impossible to be happy at the time of sad feelings or some ill happenings. But this is wrong because you have to justify the fact properly and find out the reason for feeling sad. Why should you feel sad? If something ill happens to your life so that you have to feel sad! Is it the way of living? Is it the meaning for which you are living?

Mental well being works a lot for anyone’s life to give an appropriate solution for his/her life. Often people commit suicide because of losing heart, disappointment, lost, failure, defeat or many other ill reasons. The fact of committing suicide is the particular person does not have mental well being awareness. He/she is unable to justify their life and turns off. This is why all evil things happen in the life. 

The simple way of getting the answer is to stay happy in every moment, irrespective of any circumstance you feel and believe yourself to be happy and cool. 

Mental Well Being – Self Respect and Believe

Mental well being is a state of mind to be well being anytime. It is a state of positive feeling. To have this positive attitude, you need to believe yourself. You have to develop the idea of believing you. Once you lose faith on you the whole world will disbelieve you. Hence, you need to respect yourself. As the great man of the World Mahatma Gandhi said, “Develop self respect and honor you before you do action.”

Why is it Necessary to be Mental Well Being?

Human beings are alienated into two most important areas - mental and physical. Mind is related to all physical activities. If you are mentally suppressed, you cannot work comfortably. When you feel upset and anxious, that will impact in your physical activities. At the same time, if you get injury or accident, you cannot feel comfortable because of physical pain. So, both will react each other alternately. Hence, mental well being is such a state of mind which can heal your physical problems as well as it can give you full support to be positive in each and every aspect of your life. 

There are some practical facts to have will power from the state of mental well being - 

  • You can recover from fatal disease if you strongly believe in mental well being state

  • You can reach the certain success only because of your mental well being condition. There are many famous people who reached the success only because of their mental well being nature for example -  Napoleon, Stephen Hawking, Galileo and many other famous people.

  • Mental well being is your inner power, which will develop for you, to work properly for you. If you are able to utilize your mental well being, you can achieve success whatever you wish.