Menstruation Home Remedies

Menstruation Home Remedies

Menstruation is the sign of maturity in a girl. It starts when a girl steps into her teens and it is defined as a flow of blood that helps in cleansing the womb. Menstruation is a monthly cycle and every girl experiences this. This is a new phase of a girl into womanhood. A girl also experience physically changes in the body like the development of breast, the development of female hormones: progesterone and estrogen.

Many women have their menstruations for seven days, which is not considered to be very healthy. Menstruation generally is between 2-7 days every month.

Menstruation Causes 

The main cause of menstruation is menstrual syndrome. Most women become irritated, anxious and experience body aches and headaches when their menstruation is about to start. All this are regular menstruation problems. Other problems that are related to menstruation are weakness because of anemia, stress and emotional tension. Many women also suffer from menstruation problems because of pregnancy and hormonal problems.

Menstruation Home Remedies 

Menstruation problem is so common that many women suffer from it. Since things are moving at a fast pace, women end up getting stressed and have a lot of health issues. Menstruation problems are a result of stress and having an unbalanced diet. Below are a few home remedies for menstruation.

Parsleys Remedy (Ajmoda)

 This is one of the best home remedy for menstruation problem. This benefits women who do not have a normal menstrual flow or have a painful period. As the muscles contract in the uterus as a result of pain during this time, this leads to an irregular flow of blood. A woman should take ½ cup of parsley juice and this juice can be mixed with other vegetable juices.

Ginger Remedy (Adrak)

Ginger is a well known home remedy for treating different health problems. This is good especially during irregular flow and painful menstruations. Take some water and add two to three pieces of ginger in it. Boil this water, add sugar and then drink it. This should be taken at least 2-3 times in a day. 

Ortil Tail (Sesame seeds)

Women who are anemic go through a lot of problem during their menstruation period. Sesame seeds are very good during this time as it increases the blood count during menstruation. Take some water and boil 2 teaspoons of sesame seeds. Strain the water, and this should be drunk at least two times during the day.

Coriander Remedy (Dhania) 

Add 20 coriander seeds in a glass of water and boil it. It should be boiled till the water becomes half in the utensil. You can add some sugar for taste and drink this water. This mixture helps in controlling the flow and will give instant relief from menstrual pain.

Chana Dal 

This is another effective home remedy to relieve menstrual pain. Soak some dal in warm water and then bath with it. A woman can also take a stream bath.


Marigold is a very effective herb for relieving menstruation pain. Take 2 tablespoon of marigold extract at least two times a day as this would give instant relief from the pain as well as help in the proper flow of blood.