Make Up for Men

Make Up for Men

Now-a-days Makeup has not remained in the Women’s forte at all. Men too are becoming very cautious for their looks; and the credit is given to the clean shaved handsome looks of ramp models and the chocolaty face of the stars. Makeup is an art and its empire is spreading to everyone and everywhere. If men master themselves in this unique art of makeup it will enhance their appearance and personality. According to a well cosmetic producer; though there have always been men who took care of their personality and looks, but as of now the strategy appeals to a wider range and the men’s market in particular the young men drive the most of the growth industry. 

It has been that now the toiletries of men not only consist of shaving cream, deodorant and toothpaste but also some other products have also come into list such as concealer, oil absorbing face powder and brow gel etc. Men’s market is definitely tempting to large cosmetics companies as they see their sales in the departmental stores grows plateau in the recent years. It is said by the retailers that men’s cosmetics will definitely grow as they give an aging solution to keep the youthful look on their face with just a cost of little extra money. 

This is the only reason men are relying on the increase number of men’s products and they like to put these so that their best face is forwarded. Earlier guys have gone secretly flinching on their girlfriends’ moisturiser and now they own their beauty products to make most drag queens blush. 

Many popular cosmetic brands which also includes the smaller ones in this line are introducing a variety of products for fragrance, skin care and make up and this is especially  for men who love indulging in a little primping. You can see that many male celebrities and stars or models before making any public appearance do sit in makeup chair for some time for giving a glamorous look to their fans. It is no more a surprise that with the emphasis of modern society youths are giving a lot of importance to their appearance and physical fitness and women are not the only ones who wish to accentuate their best facial features and hide blemishes and scars, men too have joined the same sphere. 

Make for Men – Tips and Perfection

If men have chosen to apply makeup there seems to be no harm and problem with it. Rather makeup emphasizes on the strong facial feature and makes their masculinity get more visible. Men can feel free to try some great looks and create a unique appearance for their own statement of style. 

But men should remember that good makeup is based on the healthy skin and make sure of this fact that you take proper care of your skin. It is a must, to keep your skin nice, clear and healthy but it is also important to maintain your youthful appearance. There are several  products available for you to choose that matches your need and requirement. 

Cleansing, Toning and moisturising on a daily basis give you a healthy and glowing skin. You should keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and also you should maintain and healthy and balanced diet by changing your lifestyle to better. By avoiding the external damaging factors like smoking and drinking and by regular workouts you can definitely achieve a great physique and a healthy skin. 

The Tips for Makeup:

Before applying makeup, men should smooth their face by close shaving and then you should wash your face by exfoliator by rubbing it gently all over the face in a circular motion. This will help in removing dead skin cells. Later rinse with warm water and pat toner on your face. Toners help in removing dirt or dry skins and then finally apply moisturiser to your face and neck. 

After moisturiser dab concealer blemishes, blend it well in a regular circular motion. Then you cover your face with foundation that matches your skin tone; dust your face with powder especially on the nose and forehead so that it helps in giving a matte look to you. If you wish you can apply Kohl, eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow too. The glossy and smooth look to lips may be given by putting on neutral coloured lip balm or you can use natural colour lipstick which can be a good replacement. 

For the final touch of masculine handsome routine you can use some good cologne, thus your makeup is done and this gives you a Perfect look for your Perfect Women.  

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