Men's Dietary Health Supplement

Men's Dietary Health Supplement

Health supplements have become an essential part of our health routine. There are a number of men’s healthy supplements. One can choose to include them as part of a balanced diet or pop them as pills with medical advice.

The most popular men’s health supplements are listed below:

Vitamin D

The main function of vitamin D is absorption of calcium. Its deficiency is directly relates to bone diseases. It is also called the sunshine vitamin as it is produced in the body on exposure to sun. Milk fortified with vitamin D is available as a supplement.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is the store house of essential fatty acids that help in reducing blood pressure, cardiac conditions, prevent prostrate and colon cancers in men. Synthetic supplements are available as cod liver oil in the retail stores.


Magnesium is an important mineral that aids execute biological reactions in the body. Apart from that it is known to keep strokes and heart attacks at bay. It is available in green leafy vegetables or alternately as magnesium citrate capsules.


In lay man’s language, probiotics are known as good bacteria. Lactic acid bacillus is a common probiotic supplement recommended for restoring normal gut bacteria, after treatment with antibiotics and chemotherapy. It is available in fermented foods such as yoghurt or as powdered concentrates in the local pharmacy.


Glucosamine is the essential ingredient for cartilage. It is present in the tissue at the joints. Hence its availability is very important for pain-free joints. Younger men often suffer from osteoarthritis caused by injury to joints. In such cases, administration of glucosamine is found to be more effective than pain killers. It is available as capsules in the drug stores.


Lycopene is a well known anti-oxidant that is abundant in tomatoes. It is particularly important in preventing prostate cancer that affects elderly men. It is known to alter the cancer cells such that they self destruct. Lycopene is lesser known among men’s health supplements.


Resveratrol is an active ingredient found in red grape juice and red wine. Also available as tablets, this chemical is known to interact with aging genes and acts as an anti-aging agent. Further it is known to promote DND repair and reverse the progress of prostrate and colon cancers in men.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is originally a berry by the same name. It is known to reduce risk of prostatic hyperplasia in elderly men. This condition causes enlargement of the prostate which in turn restricts flow of urine that is painful. Regular intake of Saw palmetto extracts is known to reduce the risk as well as decrease the symptoms who are already suffering from it.