Men Skin Care Tips

Men Skin Care Tips

There was a time when Men Skin Care Tips need was limited to a shaving cream and a bathing soap and most of them did not even worry on the brand of soap they were using. But gone are those days when men did not have time for their skin care and did not want to have anything to do with their skin. Now every other man is concerned with how he looks and is very much into grooming himself into a more handsome and presentable person.

Mens Skin Care Tips to Look Good               

Though some of the common skin problems in men are similar to that of women, men's grooming and the skin care products to be used are different from that of women. And men also have some special needs like the care against shave bumps and the treatment of their extra oily skin while some like make up and lip colouring are not their plate of supper.

Shave Bumps

Smooth shave are out of the dictionary for most men as they usually ends up with a lot of shave bumps where their hair had been after they run the razor on their skin.  So isn't there any way to reduce the appearance of shave bumps after a shave and to have a real handsome clean guy looks that can be used to attract the opposite sex? Hey… yes there are a lot of ways by which you can get a clean and clear shave and all you would have to do is to practice a correct shave and to use the right razor and foam.

Use an aloe based or glycerine based shaving foam and remember to wet your face well before you start to shave so as to have a problem free shave. Splashing your face with a little water and starting straight on your shaving will result in dragging the razor along the skin and the result- shave bumps. A good razor and a very soft shaving brush also help to reduce the shave bumps significantly. Occasional exfoliating and moisturising can also help for a smooth shave.

Oily Skin

Men are more prone to have oily skin when compared to women and most of the time they don’t make use of cleansers or any non soapy face wash leaving their skin oily all day long. Hey, there is nothing wrong with men using a good cleanser to keep him in line. Cleansing with a soap free cleanser and using non oily based sunscreen can help you to look fresh and presentable all the time. It also takes away the sign of age and wrinkles that can come as a result of the hours under the sun. Most men feel that a wash with soap and water will take care of the oil break out, but the truth is soap washes out all the essential oil from the skin urging the glands to produce more oil making you look oilier by a few hours.

Exfoliate your Skin

Men tend to have a rough skin and repeated shaving, shave bumps, sun exposure and pollution makes it even rougher. So include exfoliating in your skin care system and do get a good scrub liquid with small beads that can help to remove off all those dead cell revealing a smoother and softer skin. Scrub your facial skin with a very mild scrubbing lotion or face wash and do this at least once a week and believe it or not this can even reduce the appearance of shave bumps. Exfoliating just the facial skin is not all; you can use a loofah or an exfoliating bating lotion to remove off the dead skin on your hands and back, and use a scrubber on your elbows and under feet where the skin is a bit thicker.

Occasional Facials and Face Masks

Saloons and spa are not just for women. You can visit a saloon or a spa once in a while to get a facials or a face pack session so that you can leave out the tired looking skin behind and have a fresh, healthy and glowing appearance. There are a number of parlours and saloons meant just for men and these can help you to find the right treatment for your skin depending on your skin type and texture.

Men Skin Care Products

There was a time when the entire skin care product available in the market was meant for women only and the skin loving metro sexual men had to pick his wife's or sisters skin care product to look good. But now a whole range of beauty products and skin care cosmetics are available in the market and these are just meant for men. From face wash to skin lightening creams and lotion, everything is waiting on the market shelf for you to pick. You can choose the ones out of it to make yourself look good and fresh and the advantage of these skin care products is that they are ideally suited for the men's skin.

Shed out your inhibition and start caring for your skin and looks from now so that you won't end up looking more than your age in a few years.