Meal Shake Vitamin Supplement With Health Benefits

The meal replacements (MRs) shakes are a category of supplements that are substitutes to whole foods. It comprises of the protein shakes, liquid meal replacements, mass gainers, ready-to-drinks and meal replacement bars.

Benefits of Meal (protein) Shake Supplement

People who consume MRs on regular basis are more prone to replace their morning and/ or afternoon food with them. Meal replacement shakes offers an opportunity to easily have daily, healthy meals within a short time; it takes not more than a minute to make a meal replacement.

Nutrient Concentration

The nutrient constituents of some the best meal replacement shakes may in fact be better to whole foods. In addition to the adequate quantities of carbohydrate, fat and protein, MRs generally is replete of contain quantity of other nutrients like minerals and vitamins.

Controlled Portions

The meal replacements shakes have some amounts of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate, and fat) in them. This will enable you to check your fat, carbohydrate and calorie ingestion for the meal and stop you from eating excessively.


The meal replacement shakes indicates an option to consume nutrients in the simplest and most efficient manner. The cost of the best meal replacements shakes are low than a whole-food meal.

Easy to Digest

The meal replacements shakes are available in a 'pre-digested' form. In other words they are purchased in the form of individual amino acids or small chains of amino acids, which are easily absorbed into the body through the digestive tract.


Now a days, the meal replacements shakes are available in great tastes also, especially those ones produced by the leading supplement companies. They offer sufficient exotic flavors to select from, and thus offer a variety of tastes.

Side Effects of Meal Replacement Shakes

Health troubles and discomforts like fluid imbalance, dry skin and mouth, headache, orthostatic hypotension, body discomfort, hair fall, irregular menstruation and cold intolerance are often reported. In severe cases, it may stimulate psychosis, gall bladder disorders and gout.

It can influence the behavioral demeanors of an individual because of body system imbalances. This is generally felt by those who are overweight and have placed themselves into this diet to acquire self confidence.

Unhealthy dieting and reshuffling to effortless way of dieting makes people confused in opting for the right diet to actually take the benefits of these meal shakes.

Doses of Meal Shake Supplement

Nonetheless whole food should be the ideal choice, when the circumstance does not allow, a meal replacement/protein shake is better compare to junk food or skipping a meal altogether. When selecting a meal replacement, restrict yourself to limited meal shakes, since meal replacement (MRP) shakes and protein bars are prone to be high in sugar. It is recommended not more than 2 meal replacement shakes in your whole day meal (5/ 6 meals).

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