How To Manage Your Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the beautiful moments of the women’s life. It is also the same time to be more careful with several aspects of health. As the health of the pregnancy woman not only reflects her own health but also her baby’s health. Thus, pregnant women are often suggested with several health tips throughout the pregnancy period.

Gaining weight during the pregnancy is a common thing and also one of the important health issues. But, the limitations of weight gain and the required increase of weight must be known and be maintained. It is very necessary to check the weight regularly. Pregnant woman must grow two to three kilo grams per month from the end of the first trimester and around 10 to 15 kilo grams are to be increased during the pregnancy period.

Not to lose the weigh

During first trimester, few of the women notice lose of weight because of nausea, vomiting and morning sickness. But this must be recovered from the end of first trimester and during second and third trimester. Eating healthy food that provides sufficient calories is rather important. Losing the weight during the second and third trimesters must be considered seriously. With the suggestion of the gynecologist the supplements must be taken and maintain the required weight gain. Reduction in the intake of calories in the name of weight balance is not suggested as it would not provide the sufficient nutrients to the baby in the womb. Remember that the gained weight would be reduced gradually after the delivery.

Tips to Manage Your Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Getting over weight

Gaining over weight is also very problematic as this could cause other complications like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. Eating healthy food and suggested exercises would help in reducing the risk of getting over weight. Few of the tips that could help in avoiding getting over weight are:

- Know the required calorie intake

- List out the food that could fulfill the required calories and provide nutrients. Plan the diet accordingly including most of the items in the list

- Confirm that the food in list contain needed vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium and folic acid

- Almonds, yogurt, milk, leafy vegetables etc are rich in calories and proteins. Choosing the low fat milk and low fat yogurt is rather necessary to avoid unnecessary fat.

- Take the meals in small amounts and take 5 to 6 meals a day

- Walking one of the best exercises that could help in different ways during pregnancy

- Brisk walk is not at all suggested during the pregnancy

- Only the exercises suggested by practitioner must be followed

- Weight lifting exercises and tiresome exercises are not suggested

- If it is learnt, swimming is also one of the good exercises. But those who wish to learn swimming during the pregnancy must postpone the idea.

- Low impact aerobics also help

- Reduce the intake of sugar and sweets as much as possible as they may help in the unhealthy weight gain

- Drink sufficient water

- Avoid alcohol and alcohol containing items and medicines

- Always remember that the weight must gained gradually but at a time

- Bother less and be tension free