Makeup Tips for Acne Skin

Makeup Tips for Acne Skin

For those who have their face full of the red painful bumps, parties are not good news. Actually, that is really a headache. You have to worry the whole night about how you will be hiding the eruptions. In the process, you might take a very wrong decision and choose the wrong cosmetics making it all the more worse by a wrong method of applying makeup. However, no need to worry any more. There are ample ways of makeup for acne skin. The correct acne makeup will not only ensure that you can hide your imperfections, but also take care that you have a smooth and radiant complexion in the long run.

Some Tips for Choosing Makeup for Acne Skin

There are certain tips that should be always remembered while you are doing makeup for acne skin:

  • For those who are prone to acnes, oil free makeup should be chosen. They should always avoid products that may contain mineral oil.
  • If you find sunscreens too oily, while applying makeup use foundations that contain titanium oxide. Titanium oxide is a natural sun protector.
  • Ingredients like dimenthicone and bismuth oxychloride tend to clog the pores of your skin. This may aggravate the problems of blemishes. So, avoid the cosmetics that contain these ingredients.
  • Make sure that zinc oxide and kaolin clay are present in your makeup creams and compacts. They are known to be very good oil absorbing and anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  • In the attempt to keep your skin dry, don’t make it dehydrated. You may end up with a dry and patchy skin and also lead your sebum glands to hyper-function and produce excess oil that will clog the pores and increase the acne problem.
  • Mineral makeups are good for acne prone skin as they contain certain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
  • Before applying the makeup, use an oil free moisturizer. It is better if you mix some lavender oil or tea tree oil with the moisturizer as both these are known to have soothing effects on the skin.
  • The foundation you use should be oil-free as well. It can be water based, transparent or matte. Take a note not to apply too much foundation on your acnes in order to conceal them.
  • The blusher should be oil-free as well. Apply it gently with a clean brush with mild sweeps.
  • Apply a concealer on your acnes. Now, you need to be really gentle this time. The concealer should be the color of your foundation and complement your skin tone.
  • Now, the final touch, spray the powder lightly on the face for a neat, oil-free and perfect look.

Things you Should not do to Prevent Acne

  • Never re-use any acne concealer applicator
  • Never re-use a foundation sponge
  • Never press or prick your acne while applying makeup
  • Never Leave your makeup overnight.