Makeup for School Add Charm to Your Innocence

Makeup for School Add Charm to Your Innocence

Women and makeup seem to be closely associated. Since centuries, makeup has been a weakness for many women. Makeup has always been used to beautify a person and hide the non attractive features. It is a very interesting art and can be done in many styles.

There are different types of makeup like evening makeup, day makeup, party makeup and dramatic makeup. Apart from these makeup styles, there is another type of makeup known as the school makeup. This may sound very interesting for young school girls.

Since parents may not allow their school kids to wear heavy makeup, the school makeup may be acceptable. Below are a few tips that can add some color to a look of a school girl. Do remember that when you are doing this makeup, it has to be done the right way.

Makeup Tips for School

Step 1- The first step is to cleanse your face with a good cleanser. Avoid using cleansers that may make your spots dry as the skin may look dry and stretched. You can go for Garnier Exfo-Brusher Wash which is a very good cleanser. The best thing about using this cleanser is that it leaves the skin soft and smooth.
Step 2- After washing, apply some moisturizer. Make sure that you do not apply too much of it as your skin may become very greasy.
Step 3- The next step is to apply a concealer. This will cover all the under eye dark circles, blemishes and marks on the face.
Step 4- Select a good foundation and apply it evenly on your face. Remember to select the foundation that is closest to your skin tone. Apply the foundation on your neck, temples and jaw bone. Blend it well and make it very even.
Step 5- After the foundation dries, apply some powder. The powder should be lighter than the color of the foundation. Powder is an important makeup accessory as it will keep the makeup intact and will also prevent your skin from getting greasy.
Step 6- The next step is to apply mascara. Heavy makeup is not recommended for school; therefore it is best to have a natural look. You can either choose translucent mascara or apply just one coat of it. The idea of applying it is to have a natural look for school.
Step 7- If you want a more prominent look, you can apply a fine line of eyeliner. The eyeliner should be applied close to your eye lashes.
After following the above makeup tips, you may find going to school even more exciting now. Other than this, there are different styles that you can try. Do remember that school makeup should never be loud, as teens you would want to still look young and innocent.
You should also be particular about using good makeup brands as girls at this age have a sensitive skin. They are most likely to ruin it by using just about any product and brand.