Makeup Looks

Makeup Looks

Basically women are symbol of beauty but at the same time it is imperative for women to beautify herself. Every woman has a desire to look beautiful that too specifically in public zones. But not all have the time to visit the parlors to beautify themselves and specially working women are always short of time while getting ready for office. Here are some basic makeup tips which will give you perfect make up looks for office or parties. Why should you go to parlors if you can quickly and easily do your makeup at home in a short span!

Evergreen Simple Homemade Make up Tips for All Time Makeup Look 

  • Prior to beginning your makeup you must clean up your face properly. Use your soap or face wash gel to clean your face.
  • After washing, dry your face using a soft towel.
  • Cleanse your face with some mild and soft cleanser. By cleansing your face you can get rid of the dead skin cells from the pores of the skin and it will enable you to clean the dirt deep from the pores. But while purchasing a cleanser you have to be very cautious. Go for gentle facial gels which complement your skin.
  • After cleansing, rinse your face with water and dry it once more.
  • Opt for a suitable toner. Go for astringent toner to close your pores which generally open up after cleansing. Apply small amount of toner on the cotton ball and daub evenly on your face. Leave it on and then pat dry.
  • When the skin is moist then apply a good moisturizer suiting your skin type. For instance if your skin is oily you should go for oil free moisturizer. Moisturizer will leave your skin hydrated and moist.
  • Now apply eye cream, if you are using one. 
  • If you have any problem areas in your face such as age spots, dark spots, acne mark, or hyper-pigmentation don’t forget to apply a concealer. Remember the concealer should be of lighter shade compared to your foundation. You should choose a concealer that complements the color of your foundation.
  • Now it’s the time to apply foundation. There are two kinds of foundation. One is liquid based and another is cream based. You can choose the one which works best for your skin type. The women manifesting dry skin can opt for cream foundation. You should also be careful in selecting the color of the foundation. It should match your skin tone. Take small quantity of foundation in your fingertips and apply it on your forehead, chin, cheeks and nose gently and let it fuse evenly in your face or you can also facilitate a sponge or cotton bolls to blend the same.
  • Now you can use powder. Powder is not only beneficial for coating but also help in settling the concealer and foundation. It also enables the foundation and concealer to stay for long time. You can use compact or loose powder depending on your convenience. But to give it an even finish, you mush utilize a makeup brush to apply the powder evenly.
  • You have to begin with eye shadows when coming to your eyes. Get a right eye shadow which complements your skin tone and the dress also. Take a gentle eye shadow brush and wipe it slightly in the eye shadow which you have chosen and softly apply on your eyelids.
  • The next phase is applying eyeliner. Now you can use eyeliner containing a thin brush which is more comfortable to use and offer a great finish.
  • After the application of eyeliner now it is time to look for mascara which will look great on the upper and lower lashes. Mascaras in all shades are available in the market. But black is the shade that will suit everyone and all types and colors of dress as well.
  • Blush your cheeks now, which is also an important part of the next phase of makeup. It makes your cheeks and your face look glowing and bright. Choose a natural color or light shade like the shade of your palm to apply this blush on your face.
  • As you reach to the final steps of your makeup, you can finish it off coming to the lips. While selecting a lipstick you must ensure about its suitability with your skin makeup, your attire and of course your skin tone. You can also use lip gloss which will inhibit your lips from getting dry and retain the moisture or your lips along with a shining finish to your lips.
  • It you want to use a lip liner it should be compatible to your lipstick after applying the lip gloss. But it is advisable to apply a lip liner if your lips are thin.
These are very simple and easy make up processes, anyone can experiment these make up tips easily for that ideal make up looks. The important aspect of this process is to select the right beauty products befitting your skin type.


So, now there is no need to visit any parlor if you are running short of time for your ideal make up look while going outdoors for whatsoever purpose!