Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are a very common color for eyes. They are also considered to be very pretty and have many a song titled after them. While brown eyes may be the most common color for eyes, world-wide, they also offer those many different options. You can do a lot with brown eyes.

Tips and Tricks for Brown Eyes

Since there are many things that can be done with brown eyes, here are the selected top picks:

● They are mostly the best feature on the face. So it is recommended that you play your eyes up and draw more attention to them. This can be done by applying dark deep brown colored eyeliner across just the upper eye lashes. This eye lines itself can be either liquid or pencil. Either way, the effect will have been achieved.

● The biggest advantage of brown eyes is that you can afford to use almost every shade of make up around it. So you should pick whichever color suits you and tickles your fancy the best. Then you should apply the lighter shade of that color all over your eye lid from the lashes until the brow bone. Then you should take the darker shade of the same color and use it towards the lower part and crease of your eye lid. You can use your fingers to smudge it in and make it seem more natural. If you want the effect to be more dramatic, you could use a makeup pencil instead, on the lower crease, to make it darker. You will need to smudge it in with your fingers to ensure it looks natural.

● If you would like to draw more attention to your eyes and give them the appearance of ‘popping,’ you could use a spot of white eyeliner towards the inside of the corner of your eyes. That does draw a lot of attention and can significantly light up eyes that are otherwise common.

● Mascara is a must. You could use multiple coats of mascara to accentuate your eye lashes. This will provide a solid definition to your eyes. You can use either jet black mascara or even shades of dark brown. Both will provide a neat strong effect.

● Keeping your brows well and maintained is another tip to an attractive face. Brown eyes are common and so if you want to attract attention with them, you will need to ensure that your eye brows are well plucked and maintained. That will define the upper half of your face well.

● If you have pale skin, it is recommended that you use some blush on over the cheeks. That will add some depth to your face and not over focus on just the eyes. It is important to ensure that while you’re drawing attention to your eyes, it isn’t the only thing that is noticed. The face needs to be well balanced. Particularly if you are pale, you could just use some bronzer to provide yourself with some color.