Makeup Styles

Makeup Styles

Makeup is an art and professionally done makeup accelerates the appeal and offers you an added elegance in society which enables you regain self-confidence. Makeup should define “you”, and not transform you into someone else. Even the most tricky and expensive make up would not be appealing if not applied professionally.

Let’s have the detailed information on cosmetics products in the market and current makeup application styles and tips to catapult your natural beauty.

You will require:

  • Concealer (apply using sponge)
  • Setting Powder or Primer (for oily or combination skin)
  • Foundation (apply using Kabuki Brush)
  • Eyeliner 
  • Eye brow pencil
  • Eye shadow (3 shades)
  • Mascara
  • Blusher
  • Bronzer
  • Lip Pencil 
  • Lipstick

How to Apply Make up 

Setting Powder for Oily Skin

Setting power soaks up any extra oil on your face, so it is advisable to be applied only to any oily sections. As it's clear, it can be administered before or after your make up, so you can always dust off any oily spots all through the day. You can use this product as duster over the oily areas of your face using a fully bodied brush. 

Primer for Different Makeup Styles 

This product enables you to even out your face or other body parts prior to applying your mineral foundation, if you have a shine to your face, then organic primer will allow your foundation stay long. If you have a dry skin, you won't require primer. 

Concealer to Hide Skin Problems

A concealer’s function is to hide spots, blemishes, and dark circles. Just take small dots of concealer and administer it to the area you want to conceal and using your ring finger or sponge, gently blend. Use a concealer lighter than your skin tone. 

Using Foundation for Different Makeup Styles

Use small quantity of powder mineral foundation. Twirl your kabuki brush in the powder and take some foundation into bristles to get an even coat. Tap of extra so that your kabuki brush would have light coat of foundation on your brush. If you're using a liquid foundation, apply evenly using a sponge; care to fuse well at your jaw and hair lines, just to avoid the ghastly mask. Translucent powder can be used on top to maintain your foundation on longer duration. 

Makeup Style Your Eyes

For a conservative makeup look, emphasize your eyes or your lips but not both. If you accentuate your eyes, go for three eye shadow shades and if you focus your lips use only one neutral eye shadow shade. 

Makeup Styles for Your Eyebrows

Facilitate a cleanser to discard any foundation from your eye brows using a cotton ball. Now use feather strokes through the middle part of your brow, beginning from the inner corner of your brow and moving out. Use a brow brush to finish your eyebrows. Administer a small amount of translucent powder against the direction of your brow, brush off excess and slide your ring finger over your eye brow to give it a complete shape. 

Makeup Styles for Eye Shadow

Start with the lightest shade. Apply this shade all over the eye lid; from the root of your eyebrow through to the corners of your eye lashes. This creates a base shade which highlights your eyes. Now apply a medium shade on the middle area of your eyelid. This will highlight the natural shade of your eyes. Lastly paint your lashes with the dark shade by brushing through the lash line.If you opt to accentuate your lips, you require only base color eye shadow. 

Makeup Styles for Eye

For a traditional look, apply thin eyeliner. For light to average skin tones use a brown or dark skin type facilitate black eye liner.Using an eyeliner pencil apply on your upper lid by forming a line beginning from the inner portion of the eye moving toward the outer side. Coming to the lower lid, draw a line from the outer corner tapering to the inner part of the eye.Liquid liners require practice and you will do it in the same fashion as above, but in one smooth single stroke.If you're applying a mineral eye shadow as an eyeliner rely on sponge applicator and keep a tissue under your eye to ward off spoiling the rest of your foundation. Apply in feather strokes to the eye lash line and simultaneously blend until you get the desired line. 

Makeup Styles for Blusher

Take a big brush and move it downwards starting from the ear through mid-cheek. Blend from the top of the ear through the edge of your cheek.Choose a shade suiting your skin type; pink tones should blend with pink hues and golden tones should mix with brown/orange tones. 

Makeup Styles for Bronzer

It’s imperative that your skin should be dry when applying bronzer as any excess moisture or oil could generate a streaky fake appearance. So prior to applying, ensure your skin is oil free; coat with a layer of setting powder if need be.Dust a blusher bush having bronzer to your forehead, nose and cheek-bones. Twirl the brush into your bronzer powder and tap of extra.Brush using feather stroke from the top of your forehead down to nose and move on to cheeks and to your décolletage or neck. 

Makeup Styles for Your Lips

Lipstick – When you’re focusing on your eyes, opt for a light shade of lipstick, a neutral tone that suits your skin tone.When you’re emphasizing on your lips, use a bright color suiting your skin tone like red, dark brown or a plum.Your lips should be soft and supple, for this either apply moisturizer or a light lip balm then dust some foundation or setting powder over your lips, this enables the lipstick to last for longer.Start by applying lipstick to the outer edges of your upper lips and move downward to the corners, then apply lipstick to your lower lips. 

Makeup Styles for Lip pencil 

Lip pencil is facilitated to offer your lips a sharp edge. Some people preferably use lip pencil as a coat under your lipstick or lip gloss To apply, define the shape of your lips, beginning from the centre of the lip bow and drawing to the edges and on the lower lip.