Cancer Preventive Lutein & Lycopene Vitamin Supplement with Benefits and Side Effects

Lutein and Lycopene Supplement Info

Lutein and lycopene are antioxidant rich in vitamin A. They are available in yellow, red, and orange colored fruits and vegetables for example tomatoes, orange and grapefruit. Some research indicates that lutein and lycopene can be advantageous for your health in a number of ways, but dietary supplements may not be as strong as natural food sources of these compounds.

Benefits of Lutein and Lycopene Supplement

These are found to be very beneficial for maintaining a good health of them the most prominent benefits may include:

1.Cancer Prevention

Many studies conducted by scientists and doctors have found an association between diets rich in tomato products and least cancer risks. As tomatoes are rich in the antioxidant lycopene, several experts says that lycopene can have a prominent role in preventing cancer

2.Macular Degeneration Prevention

Macular damage is an old age vision disorder leading to loss of vision in older people. The University of Maryland Medical Center indicates that food rich in vegetables contain lutein that can assist in preventing macular degeneration. Dietary lycopene can also prevent macular degeneration.

3.Skin Protection

Lutein, lycopene and other carotenoids can inhibit damaging of skin from sunlight or UV rays. A study conducted by The Bastyr Center for Natural Health prescribes the usage of carotenoid supplements in advancing skin health. As per this research, people who ingested lutein and lycopene supplements reduced skin damage and other related disorder upon exposure to UV light.

Side Effects of Lutein and Lycopene Supplement

When taken as instructed, lutein supplements usually are not witnessed to have caused any side effects. You may find mild stomach discomfort like nausea after taking a dose of this carotenoid. Prolonged or excessive doses of lutein may lead to a harmless side effect called carotenodermia, the MSKCC says. Carotenodermia leads to an abnormal but short-term yellow discoloration of the skin. Your skin will come back to normal color once treatment with lutein is over.

Medication Interactions

Before starting treatment with any new supplement don’t forget to inform your doctor of all drugs you are taking. Till January 2011, there are no known drugs interactions linked with lutein supplementation has been witnessed. If you experience unusual health disorders while receiving treatment with lutein, talk to your medical provider for further analysis and care.

Doses of Lutein and Lycopene Supplement

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center indicates that you might require anywhere from 5 to 30 mg of lutein to witness a medicinal response, but the scientific experts have yet to establish firm dosage guidelines.

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