Lupus in Pregnancy

Introduction to Lupus in Pregnancy

Lupus is an infection that usually affects the women and it is said that the women who suffers with such infection is unable to conceive. But some specialist deny this fact and says that 50% of women who suffers from lupus can become pregnant and can have normal pregnancy and give birth to healthy babies. On the other hand there is another fact that women suffering from lupus may be able to conceive but lots of complications may occur and they might lose their babies in the early stages of pregnancy. 

Though it is clarified that lupus pregnancy is a normal pregnancy yet the women face some risks and problems during their 9 months of pregnancy. Women who have lupus in their pregnancy should be taken under special and supervised by an obstetrician until the pregnancy is over and a healthy baby is delivered. In this way if there is any kind of risk or complications occurred, it would be immediately resolved; thus, normal healthy babies can be borne. Beside this, any woman who is suffering from lupus in pregnancy must follow the doctor’s instruction and should adapt the special diet and life style as recommended by the medical professional. 

Causes of Lupus in Pregnancy

There are some common causes that make the infection to occur in the women’s body. They are:-

  • Weak immune system is main reason for the introduction of lupus in the body. The antidotes which are harmful may attack the tissues of the body which may lead to have inflammations thus creating a huge risk for the mother as well as for the baby.

  • The second reason for the occurrence of the lupus in pregnancy is the hormonal change that generally happens during this period. 

  • An exposure to extreme environmental conditions may also invite lupus to occur.

  • Stress is also considered as the major reason for lupus in pregnancy

  • Some harmful virus may also clear the passage for lupus inside the body which may affect a lot. 

Common Symptoms of Lupus in Pregnancy

There are many symptoms that makes the situation very clear whether or not the pregnant woman is having lupus or not. These symptoms are:-

  • Pain or Swelling in the entire body

  • Skin rashes appear in the various body parts.

  • Pain in the chest and having a difficulty to breathe.

  • Fatigue and anemia

  • Hair loss

  • Loss of memory 

  • Some abnormalities seen in the nervous system. 

Care & Guidelines for Lupus in Pregnancy

It is stated that the complication are more in lupus pregnancy than in normal but if proper care and perfect guidelines are followed with lupus in pregnancy you can still have a perfect healthy pregnancy and baby. 

First of all a pregnant woman with lupus should follow a proper medication and regularly visit the doctor. The diet plan should be well organised and healthy also no bad habits like smoking or drinking should be in practice and above all to avoid unnecessary pill as it might put the life of that baby as well as mother in danger. 

Secondly during lupus in pregnancy the woman may face high blood pressure; protein in urine and affection that is known as toxaemia which may occur; thus regular treatment for the same will be helpful as prevention is better than cure.

Therefore taking each and every point into consideration the pregnant woman who suffers lupus in pregnancy can have normal pregnancy if she follows and appropriate and a balanced treatment under the strict observation of medical specialist. Furthermore it is taken under consideration that more of medication is not safe in pregnancy as it may affect the baby as well as mother therefore everything should be considered well before its use.