Effects and Methods Involved in Lower Lip Hair Removal

A common nuisance to women is development of hair growth on the lower lip. While hair growth on the lower lip in men is acceptable (which is called a beard), it is undesirable in the case of women. Here we discuss various methods for lower lip hair removal.

Methods of Lower Lip Hair removal

There are different methods for lower lip hair removal like waxing, depilation, plucking and shaving. Shaving is the least favored technique as it is known to stimulate hair growth resulting in formation of stubble. With shaving, the hair grows back within a day and shaving needs to be done on a daily basis.

Tweezing and Waxing are more popular for lower lip hair removal. With both these procedures, the skin remains smooth from two to eight weeks. As the hair follicles are plucked out by the roots, the growth of hair is suppressed and when the hair does grow back it is fairly stunted. In depilation although the hair takes a longer time to grow back, it grows back faster than in waxing and tweezing as the hair is not pulled out from the roots.

Cost of Lower Lip Hair Removal

Waxing is relatively costlier that depilation and shaving. Waxing may cost $15.00 to $20.00 per session but depilation and shaving costs about $10.00 per month on an average. However, since the effects of waxing last longer, it turns out to be the least expensive of all. Razors must be bought regularly and depilatory creams can cost quite a lot if purchased on a regular basis. The cost of waxing can be reduced even further by using home waxing kits.

Permanent Lower Lip Hair Removal

If you want to get rid of lower lip hair for good, then you need to go in for electrolysis or laser therapy. Electrolysis is carried out by an electric needle which destroys the hair roots permanently. Laser therapy uses a high-energy laser beam which does the same thing. Although these two techniques are infinitely more expensive than all other techniques, it is the cheapest in the long run as you don’t need to spend money on hair removal any more.

Side Effects of Lower Lip Hair Removal

Waxing can cause red blotches and shaving can cause cuts and nicks. As mentioned earlier, depilation can cause irritation to sensitive skins, therefore while using these techniques it is best to try it on a test area of the skin first. With electrolysis and laser therapy, redness if any, will disappear an hour or so after the procedure.