Removal Of Lower Legs Hair and Methods To Do It

Lower legs hair removal is widely practiced among women. Many may not go for full legs hair removal all the time, but they would regularly remove hair off their lower legs. This is especially because the hair on the lower legs is thicker and denser than that in the upper part and lower part of the legs is generally more exposed when using skirts, shorts, dresses and 3/4ths.

Lower Legs Hair Removal Popular Techniques

Lower legs being a large area to cover, techniques like plucking and threading would be tedious and painful. Given the fact that the results are short-lived, such an effort would not be that worth it.

Shaving is a popular option among women, especially those who shave occasionally, like only for the summer or only when they wear skirts. Many shaving tools are available for shaving hair off the lower legs. With a good gel, it is possible to get a nice, clean shave. However, the after effects are the same no matter what kind of shaver is used. The hair re-growth would be thicker and happen in a couple of days. Hair ingrowths are also not avoidable. Anyway, this is a great emergency solution.

Lower legs hair removal by waxing is done by many women as part of their monthly grooming process. Usually soft, hot wax is used for removing the thick lower legs hair. As the skin in this part is not that sensitive, it is good to use the soft wax; it is more effective and faster compared to the hard wax. The procedure can be done at home or at a salon.

Lower Legs Hair Removal Waxing Procedure

  • Lie flat on a surface with the soles on the surface.
  • Spray the lower legs with some antiseptic lotion and then dust them with powder. It is better to work on the two limbs simultaneously.
  • First, wax the toes and feet.
  • Apply the wax, immediately place the strip, rub it along the hair growth direction and put it off quickly against the hair growth direction.
  • Right after pulling the strip off apply pressure on the spot.
  • After the feet, do the back of the legs and then the front.
  • Check to see if you have removed all hair.
  • Wash your legs and apply a moisturizing lotion.

For those who can afford, laser treatment is a great option. As it can target a large area in one go, it is more suitable for lower legs hair removal than electrolysis, which targets only one hair at a time. It is important to choose a reputed clinic and discuss the procedure and cost ahead of time to get the best laser treatment. Most clinics would require you to shave your legs before the treatment. Moreover, prior to and after the laser sessions, you have to avoid sun exposure.