List of Womens Fashion Magazines

Women look at magazines for most of their fashion needs. Here are the top 10 in list of women’s fashion magazines:

Harper’s bazaar:

is one of the oldest in the list of women’s fashion magazines. It was founded in the year 1867 in the USA, making it America’s first fashion magazine. It belongs to the HarperCollins publishing group and brings the latest of fashion from all over the world.


Is yet another international fashion magazine for women. Publishes first in the USA in the year 1886, its main focus areas include high end women’s fashion and lifestyle needs. Its reach has engulfed more than a 100 countries, making it the most circulated fashion magazine for women.


Is another veteran in the world of women’s fashion. Founded in 1892 in the USA, it is one of the most popular magazines of all times. It has its presence in 16 countries and is the very influential in the world of fashion. When it comes to women and fashion, Vogue is the undisputedly the final word.


Is a fashion magazine in that originated France in 1945. It means ‘she’ in French and obviously focuses on fashion and entertainment for women.  It tops the list of women’s fashion magazines with 42 editions in 60 countries worldwide.


On stands since 1939, Glamour has been the magazine that brings the latest fashion of celebrity Americans to the coffee table. Unlike other magazines that focus on fashion from all perspective of models and designers, Glamour’s USP lies in making fashion popular through celebrities – Hollywood stars and politicians to the first lady herself.

Marie Claire:

This is popular fashion magazine from France dating back to 1937.Apart from fashion; the magazine also publishes articles on beauty, health and lifestyle.

Hilary magazine:

This is a relatively new magazine founded by Hilary Rowland. It focuses on urban living, hip fashion and luxury products.


It is a bi-monthly fashion magazine that connects to young women. It brings the latest fashion trends, especially for women under 30. This magazine is just about a decade old but has risen to popularity in a short span.


Headed by Linda wells, this magazine is an offshoot of Vogue. The magazine includes top fashion photographers on its panel and contributions by some of the famous fashion journalists of the world. Thus, despite being a new magazine, Allure has its fan following across the USA and many other countries of the west.


Yet another fashion publication from the Conde Nast house, W is better known for its fashion scoops on the American and the European society. Thus it has secured readership among the elites of these countries.

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