Lip Plumping and Lip Plumper Side Effect

Lip Plumping and Lip Plumper Side Effect


So, you had been always vying for that "bee stung" look for your lips and thought that lip plumpers are the magic kisses that can give your not-so-sexy lips the fuller and pouty appearance. True as it is, but lip plumpers are not devoid of any kind of side effects. A cheap plumper can make you pay the price with the inflammatory reaction and sensation of the real bee sting. You have to know about the lip plumper side effects before you start using one.
The ingredients mostly used in lip plumpers are cinnamon, menthol or mint, ginger, niacin, and sometimes even cayenne pepper along with certain other chemicals. Some sensitive lips can react to the ingredients with a red and rashy look and painful swelling

How do Lip Plumpers Work?

Lip Plumpers can give you fuller lips without any surgery. However, the action may last for only a few hours. They use skin irritants like cinnamon or menthol, sometimes pepper which causes the capillaries in the lip skin to react and make the lip plumper by increasing the blood flow to the lips.
Lip plumpers definitely are safer options than permanent lip plumping injections. But these come with lots of side effects. Even the constant use of lip plumper can make your lip skin sensitive and prone to infections. 

Lip Plumper Side Effects


A lip plumper will cause a bit of tingling and burning sensation when applied. For very sensitive lips, severe reactions like redness, itchiness and dryness can occur. It is advisable that if you experience such symptoms wipe off the plumper readily.
Always test the lip plumper by applying a little on your forearm before applying on the lips. If your skin feels a rather bad burning sensation, never ever put it on your lips. Before purchasing any lip plumper always perform this test for lip plumper side effects. Try to buy one that is meant for sensitive lips.
Though lip plumpers come with a tingling and burning sensation, an uncomfortable spiky feeling that does not subside is not normal. It might be because of your skin’s reaction to niacin and flushing of the flushing of the lip.


Sometimes, lip plumper side effects emerge as skin eruptions or rash. Generally, the redness, swelling or itching is in a relatively small area though sometimes the effect may be as grave as the effects of common cold or hay fever.


A light burning sensation is common. But if your lips feel like they are on fire or as if you've been punched there, remove the product immediately and wash with cold water.


Lips plumpers are meant for making your lips swelled and look plumper. But excessive swelling or blisters are quite abnormal. Cinnamic aldehyde found in cinnamon oil, causes allergic dermatitis to sensitive skin. A rash, intense swelling and redness may follow the allergy. Benzyl nicotinate in the lip plumpers also causes the lips to swell excessively sometimes.

Dryness, Cracking & Peeling

If you are using lip plumpers continuously, your lips are likely to become very dry and get cracked leading the skin to peel off. Also, your lips will be prone to shading off the irritated skin on the surface of the lips more often than usual. So, when you are buying a lip plumper, always look for the one that has intense moisturizer content in it, such as shea butter, sunflower oil or aloe vera.


Lip plumpers no doubt are the best effective ways to get you the luscious, pouted lips you've always wanted but don’t forget the lip plumper side effects that come with it. Always know the ingredients of the plumper and the sensitivity of your skin towards them before any application.