How to Use Lip Gloss and Protect Them from Tanning

If the concern is that using lip gloss could discolor or tan your lips, then the concern itself is invalid. Lip gloss and other lip products do not tan your lips. There should be no discoloration caused from the use of these products.

What cause the lips to get tanned or burned are the rays of the sun themselves. In fact, many women protect themselves from the sun by using lip glosses that are designed to fight the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays. These lip glosses are marked out with labels that say that they contain some protective ingredient and also protect for some amount of SPF (sun protective factor). So in fact, the use of lip gloss may actually protect your lips from tanning.

About the lips

The lips are always exposed to the outside world. However, they are also at a disadvantage since they are much thinner than other skin that is exposed to the outside world, and doesn’t contain as much melanin as the rest of our facial skin. There is a natural pigment that is present in the skin that gives it its unique color. However, the lips don’t glow like the rest of our face because of the lack of melanin in the skin. When there are lower quantities of melanin in the skin, it is automatically protected less from the harmful effects of the sun.

There has been a lot of criticism off late on the effects of lip gloss on the lips, because it is believed to magnify the sun’s harmful rays. However, what is important to note is that by using the right products and by using the right quantities, it can actually be protective rather than harmful.

Lips Getting Tanned by Sun Exposure

Lips don’t get tanned and the skins on the lips don’t get any darker than they usually are, when they are exposed to the sun. However, when there is a layer of lip gloss, then the sun’s harmful rays do get magnified and may cause the lips to suffer some damage. The damage is usually in the form of chaffed and blistered lips.

In the longer term, the effects include speedy growth of wrinkles and even the occurrence of sun spots. It is also believed that there is an increased risk of skin cancer.

Protecting Your Lips

It is necessary to keep your lips protected at all times. Just like you would use sunscreen on your skin, you should also take steps to protect your lips - they are after all much more sensitive than your skin. You could use any lip gloss or balm that has an Sun Protection Factor or SPF of 30 or above. That will help towards reducing both long and short term damage to the lips.

Another way to protect your lips is to use a large hat. That can look trendy and stylish and also serve as a way to keep the harmful effects of the sun off your face and specifically your sensitive lips.