Lip Care to have Lustrous Lips

Lip Care to have Lustrous Lips

When we meet somebody, our first attention is drawn to the face. A person who has smooth, pink and soft lips is more likely to catch our attention. Lip care, like any other feature on our face has to be taken care of. Since lips are very sensitive, constant care should be taken to keep them healthy and moist. Any person with chapped and dry lips looks very dull and unattractive. Below are a few interesting tips on lip care and ways to maintain it.
Lip care consists of a couple of tasks that needs to be followed on a regular basis to get the desired result. There are many tips of having luscious and healthy lips. A constant care will make a big difference to your looks.

Tips for Lip Care

  • Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables especially those that are rich in vitamins.
  • Drink plenty of water in a day as this would keep your system clean.
  • Always apply lip balm as this keeps your lips soft and moist throughout the day.
  • Do not apply makeup on dry and chapped lips
  • Do not lick your lips if they are dry, this will make it worse.

Lip Balms- Lips are very sensitive to harsh weather like summer and winter. The extreme weather makes the lips very dry and chapped. Due to lack of moisture the lips get chapped very soon. Therefore to avoid such situations apply lip balm whenever your lips get dry.

Lip Gloss- Lips gloss is one of the best ways of keeping your lips moist and luscious. Being one of the most useful cosmetic products, many women prefer using this regularly. Lip gloss brings a drastic change to your lips. Today there are different types of lip glosses available in different colors, brands and even flavors.

Lip Augmentation- With the kind of products available in the market, people are getting more conscious about their appearance. Everyone wants to look beautiful and perfect. This is where lip augmentation comes into picture. Lip augmentation is a surgery of the lips in order to make it look attractive. It is a popular cosmetic surgery that many people are going for.

Chapped Dry Lips- It is very common to see people with chapped and dry lips. Like other parts of the body, even our lips need special care. Make sure your lips are moist and soft throughout the day.

Cosmetic lip Tattoo- Cosmetic lip tattoo is a way on making the lips look beautiful and perfect. This trend has been followed since ages where women get their lips tattooed to look beautiful. Women were more conscious about their lips and took lot of care.

Applying Lipstick- Lipsticks have been a hot favorite of many women. It is one of the most important cosmetic that is used to enhance the beauty of the lips. Lipsticks come in various shades, brands and shapes. Lipstick should be applied very carefully or else it can ruin your look. Lipsticks keep the lips moist and soft, it also protects the lips from chapping. It is one of the best ways to enhance your look.