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About Leprosy Eyes

Leprosy Eyes is one of the most fearsome diseases of a human body. Doctors have been trying to find useful treatments and medications for the Leprosy eyes disease and they have been getting considerable success. However, still there are many improvements required for the ultimate result of success.

It was previously believed that leprosy could affect the human body because of a curse or any other sinful activities. The superstitions in the society led very badly so whoever affected by leprosy were kept in asylum and untouched. Leprosy affected people were not able to contact general human society because they were treated as victim of god. Dr. Armauer Hansen of Norway found the main cause of leprosy in 1873 and he initiated that leprosy is caused because of a bacterium and the name of the bacteria is Mycobacterium leprae. Leprosy was also believed that it is a contagious disease and therefore people affected with leprosy were kept aside in asylum.

However, it is a contagious disease according to modern science too but it is not contagious through sexual contact or pregnancy but it can spread to other human when an untreated infected person coughs or sneezes.

Now, a leprosy eye is a big disease in the form of leprosy which can cause total blindness for neglecting it in the primary stage.  Leprosy eyes are preventive as well as treatable diseases. If you contact doctors at an early stage, leprosy eyes you can easily protect your body from this deadly disease. Most frequent attack of leprosy eyes areas are the eyeball, eyelids and eyebrows. Therefore, when you are suffering with leprosy in your other part of the body you have to do certain check for your eyes because people who are suffering with leprosy they can be mostly affected with leprosy eyes as well.

Symptoms of Leprosy Eyes

Bacteria of leprosy can attack the nerves around the eyes and they can cause loss of blinking reflex and this is the most primary symptom of leprosy eyes. Therefore, it is important to protect the eye from injury and it is also important to moisten the surface of the eye. When the eyes turn dehydrated and unhygienic then the bacteria of leprosy can attack. When the eyeball, eyelids and eyebrows are not taken good care then leprosy may turn progressive which can cause permanent damage to the skin of the eye, nerves, limbs and finally eyes.

Treatment of Leprosy Eyes

Although most of the people think that leprosy eyes are not curable but it is not true because the modern science has many new inventions which can treat to get 100% cure for the leprosy eyes.  The WHO recommended the use of a combination of three antibiotics -- generally dapsone, rifampin, and clofazimine -- for the treatment of leprosy eyes and these medicines have turned very useful already. All these three preventive medicines have to be taken for six months to one year continuously. The WHO has taken most progressive step for leprosy eyes as well as all kinds of leprosy diseases and the department of WHO provided some drugs free of charge to all leprosy patients across the world. However, the body may face some kinds of side effects while using medications for leprosy eyes because the drug will destroy the bacteria which are very strong but doctors also provide good medication to get rid of all problems.

Surgery is also effective method of treatment for leprosy eyes. Eyebrow reconstruction, Cosmetic removal of wrinkles of the facial skin, trimming of pendulous ear-lobes is can be done in surgery to get rid of leprosy eyes.

Eyebrow Reconstruction is considered one of the most useful surgeries which can provide a profoundly beneficial cosmetic effect on patients who suffer stigma and also this surgery gives quick healing from this deadly disease.

Causes of Leprosy Eyes

The main reason of suffering leprosy is Mycobacterium leprae and Mycobacterium lepromatosis bacteria which develop in the human body and affect it for leprosy. Leprosy in human beings is caused of extensive loss of genes necessary for independent growth. M. leprae and M. lepromatosis are uncultivable in the laboratory and this factor leads to complexity in definitively identifying the organism under a strict version.

Leprosy Eyes Types

The most important types of leprosy eyes are Nasolacrimal apparatus, Episclera and sclera, Ocular Lesions, Lepromatous leprosy and Ciliary body and Iris etc.