Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Leo and Virgo Compatibility: Opposite match

The union of Leo and Virgo can be simply described as match of opposite poles. The Leo is very gregarious, dominant and extrovert in nature whereas Virgo is humble, shy and modest. The contrast characteristic of the two does not allow them to have an initial settlement but with the passage of time something clicks in the relationship of the two it evolves smoothly. With the charismatic personality of Leo and withdrawn personality of Virgo does not seems to be possible but still there is a need for perfection will definitely make this match happen.

There are huge differences between the two and if they fail to handle such tiffs then some rifts might be created in their relationship. Virgo has a nature of criticising which may hurt the sensitive Leo. Another difference is that Leo has an outgoing nature, it wants to be the part of social group and also it takes everything for granted this attitude may affect their relationship as Virgo feels more safe at home and its passiveness does not welcome the taken for granted attitude of Leo. All they need is deep understanding for each other and a bit of compromise if they really want this compatibility to work.

Leo Man and Virgo Woman: Successful Compatibility

The compatibility between Leo man and Virgo woman may work out and the relationship may run for long term only if either of the two does not force each other to change their attitude. Virgo woman does all her work pretty well and expects a lot of appreciation from her partner whereas Leo man is very much demanding and does not like to flatter anyone around them. This may admonish the Virgo woman and in turn create some rift in their relationship. If one allows the other to take the lead then the relationship will be perfect and they will live in a happy home atmosphere. Lots of understanding and adjustment is required to make things work in this compatibility.

Virgo and Leo Worst Relationship Matches

The combination of Leo woman and Virgo man has least possibility to happen and if it happens the compatibility will be very low. The Leo woman is very dominating and this nature is not readily accepted by the Virgo man. Similarly the inability of Virgo man in expressing his love towards her hurts the emotion and feelings of Leo woman as she is overly expressive. Another problem that acts as a barrier between Leo and Virgo is the outgoing and adventurous nature of Leo woman which is contrary to the homely nature of Virgo man. Both need to put in a lot of hard work and efforts in order to maintain the initial infatuation and passion in their lives.

Leo and Virgo Compatibility: Problems and Guidelines

The compatibility of the duo is bit low. Virgo is shy in nature and does not express its feelings whereas Leo is proud and arrogant in nature and equally charming. The combination of these zodiac signs will be affected because of these minor differences. Leo always loves to show off and Virgo tries to avoid such things and stays away from social gathering and limelight. The relation may work well if they both agree to accept each other’s attitude and shortcomings. If they leave the hand of adjustment and understanding the love match will be proved to be a mismatch.

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