Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility: Difficult Combination

The union of Leo and Scorpio may happen and may not happen this combination is said to be a difficult one. The initial infatuation binds them together into a relationship but things alter very drastically after some time. If both the partners do not balance up thing and does not maintain the relation with good effort a lot of turbulence will be seen soon. Both Leo and Scorpio get attracted towards each other because of the strong will and determination that they have in them. But with the passage of time the relationship may start deteriorating as they fail to see each other’s viewpoint and think what they have done is perfect.

Leo and Scorpio Marriage Compatibility 

The goals of Leo and scorpions may coincide at some part of life and if they are standing in two opposite end then things may turn up really bad. Possessiveness for the partner is common in both of them and thus it leads to jealousy too which creates huge hurdles in their compatible life. Another distinct character that may create a havoc in their relationship is that Leo need constant admiration from its partner and scorpions on the other hand fails to flatter always thus wrong ends have been rubbed by the duo. The only key to success in their relationship is that either one of them have to control the dominance trait in it and let the other one rule. They need to share the power in order to been on the road to success.

Leo Man and Scorpion Woman: Not a Perfect match

The compatible relationship between Leo man and Scorpion woman is short lived. Though they both have same interests and goals in life even their destination is same yet the path they choose to reach to that goal will be different thus creating a difference in their relationship. The male believes in grand living and luxury style and want everything in a grand manner and the female does not like this neither does she care these show offs rather she would prefer it more humble and private. The aggressive nature of the duo does not allow any of the two to go for a compromise thus arguments and conflict are likely to be present all the time. Still the things can work out if both Leo man and Scorpion woman tries to understand the basic necessity and characteristics of the other. Otherwise this match is definitely not a good match.

Leo Woman and Scorpion Man: Not a compatible match

The combination of Leo woman and Scorpion man is not a compatible match. Leo woman will wander around and will be satisfied with the love of Scorpio man and the other side she will also not be able to satisfy the over demanding need of Scorpio man. Scorpio man will not only admire the love of the Leo woman but will appreciate her patience too and at times he tends to ignore her that is not liked by Leo woman. But if he finds out that love is not a real one he will become restless. Tiffs and fights will be a part of their relationship and this will not be overlooked easily. Scorpio man gets his anger easily which is not likeable by Leo woman, while the former is too intense the latter gets irritated by the over display of feelings. The compatibility between the two is not only difficult but impossible too.

Leo and Scorpio Compatible: Problems & Guidelines

Leo is arrogant in nature while Scorpio is possessive and jealous. The union of the two is a bit tricky and will get heated easily and a love moment can turn into sour memories. Both of them will be drawn towards each other due to initial infatuation but the fantasy will end up soon and a bitter truth of unwanted relation will stand in front of them. Astrologically this union is not possible and it may bring haphazard results.

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