Leg Pain Home Remedies

Leg Pain Home Remedies

Leg pain is the discomfort or pains a person experiences in the legs, or knees, calves, ankles and the feet. Leg pain though not debilitating can be a sore hindrance in a person’s routine activities.  Leg pain may occur due to long standing, improper footwear, wrong posture, arthritis, pregnancy, injury too much walking or unsupervised exercise regimen.

About Natural Remedies for Leg Pain

Natural remedies rely on naturally occurring plants, herbs or fruits to affect a cure for our common ailments.   Natural remedies are safe, have no side effects, and are wholesome and easy on the pocket too.  The best advantage they have is that natural remedies do not load the body with harmful chemicals that prove detrimental to health in the long run.

Do’s and Don’ts for Leg Pain Home Remedies

  •  Drink plenty of water as it soothes muscle contractions and reduces cramps due to dehydration.  Water intake can be supplemented by fruit juices, coconut water and buttermilk.
  •  Diet should be calcium rich as it makes the bones healthy.  Include foods such as milk, soya, cheese nuts and green vegetables.
  •  A balanced diet including greens, carrots, and bananas, sprouts, apple beetroot is essential.
  •  To have blood circulation improvement do regular exercise.
  •  If you are required to stand for a long period during the day, make sure you do not put pressure on a single feet, your weight should be balanced on both feet equally.
  •  Soak feet in warm water to which salt has been added.
  •  Do yoga as many asanas cure leg pain.
  •  Avoid coffee and chocolates.
  •  Improper digestion also leads to leg pain, so include lots of fiber in your diet. 
  •  Avoid high heels and invest in good flat footwear.
  •  Avoid too, constricting shoes and socks.
  •  Restrict the consumption of alcohol, red meats and spicy oily food.

Home Remedies for Leg Pain

  •  Dried fenugreek leaves mixed in a glass of water and taken early morning is an effective remedy for leg pain.
  •  Early morning on an empty stomach eat 4 walnuts, this relieves leg pain.
  •  Boil half glass water with half teaspoon of saffron.  Divide this infusion into three parts and drink it three times a day.
  •  Soak a thick pad in vinegar and apply to knee, joints and calves to get relief from leg pain.
  •  Massage leg with warm olive oil or mustard oil to get relief from pain.
  •  Take a warm water bath to which Epsom salt has been added.
  •  If you suffer from arthritis pain, boil two cloves of crushed garlic in a glass of diluted milk. Reduce to quarter the amount and drink just before sleeping at night.
  •  Mix 10 gms of camphor to 200 ml of mustard oil and keep the mixture in the sun till the camphor melts completely.  Massage with this oil mixture whenever you feel pain, or add a few drops to your bath or to the water in which you soak your feet.
  •  Rub lobelia paste on the affected parts also relieves leg pain.
  •  Massaging the leg with tea tree oil in the downward direction of the pain this helps ease the pain.
  •  Elevate your legs by keeping a pillow under them while sleeping. 
  •  Tea made of ginger also helps in relieving leg pain.
  •  Daily consumption of one teaspoon of cod liver oil also helps relieve pain.
  •  Lemon water to which a pinch of salt has been added is beneficial when pain occurs due to long exercise or physical activity.