Late Pregnancy Symptoms


Late pregnancy is quiet common these days. The numbers have been increasing recently as it has become common for a woman to concentrate on her career and keep aside the personal lives for some time. Hence when they finally decide to get married or have a baby they find themselves to be counted in the group of older moms. Women in the age group of 30s and 40s are successfully having healthy pregnancy and healthy babies. There are always some fears that arise that late pregnancy may be highly risky but if everything is planned with complete medical supervision then the chances of having normal and safe pregnancy are high. 

Biologically it is confirmed that age between 20-24 years is ideal for getting pregnant or having baby. But recent medical science advances have joined with varying socio economic priorities and this has also led to the late pregnancy. Recent studies have stated that the increase in the number of having late pregnancy have doubled then what was expected. This trend of having late pregnancy is growing due to many reasons. The reasons are women pursuit for higher education, career and high ambitions. Some other social reasons have also come up such as late marriages, divorce and remarriages. Now a days the medical has give the treatment for the infertility and makes it possible for women to get pregnant and enjoy motherhood even at a very old age. It really never matter what is the reason for getting late pregnancy but once the symptoms are seen it is advisable to go and have a consultation with a medical practitioner. 

Late Pregnancy Symptoms 

Some of the Symptoms of Late Pregnancy are as follows

Insomnia Late Pregnancy

The first and foremost symptoms of late pregnancy will be that you won’t be able to have a proper sleep. This will definitely be very annoying on the fact irritating too. Insomnia might accompany some other elements too such as you get exhausted as you are unable to sleep or you may be just fine though you are unable to sleep. It is advisable that you should some light exercise to get a relax sleep and the consumption of caffeine should be avoided as much as possible. 

Late Pregnancy Back Pain 

Continuous and severe back pain will always disturb you in the late pregnancy and the only solution to the same is having a massage that helps really well. A bit of stretching and the use of warm compress will also work. 

Late Pregnancy Leg Cramps

Due to some nutritional defenceless leg cramp may occur which may be resolved by stretching your legs. 

Shortness of Breath Late Pregnancy

As the baby grows in the womb and your diaphragm compresses you will less room to breathe. Stretcher and doing pelvic tilts will allow the baby to settle comfortably and thus you will have a normal breathe.

Late Pregnancy Exhaustion

It is a true fact that as the baby grows a lot of energy is consumed thus you might feel exhausted after every activity may it be for a minute or more. Thus it is advisable that you should take regular naps so that your energy is sustained for a longer period of time.

Contractions Late Pregnancy

You will feel continuous contraction in your belly and the stomach area. The best way to avoid so it to take proper rest. 

Late Pregnancy Urine Frequency 

The number will increase more that to your surprise. In an hour it may react to 8 to 10 times. This is because that the baby comes down to the pelvis and she or he is preparing itself to born. 

Late Pregnancy Pressure

Some kind of sharp pressure will be felt in the pelvis area as the baby as shifted there. This is not a comfort sign thus advisable to visit the Doctor immediately.  

Kicks in Odd Places Late Pregnancy

As you feel the baby is moving you will experience some kicks in the very odd parts of the body. Some women even find bruises from the kicks of the baby but are not harmful.

These are the few symptoms of late pregnancy which are not much different from normal and regular pregnancy except for the few ones. Though there are some high risks involved such as it will take a longer time to conceive, increased risk of miscarriage, delivery can be complicated as well as delayed and fatal too. But there are some advantage too such as it will be considered as a blessing rather than a burden as the mother has waited for a longer time also she will be able to devote more time as she is satisfied with her career achievements and she will be at peace. 

The fact is that be it late or early it is the best blessing a god can give. So accept it with a smile.