Lasik Eye Surgery Preparation

Minimum requirements for Lasik Eye Surgery

There are some minimum requirements for a Lasik surgery. They are,

  • One should be at least 18 years of age to do it

  • Patient must have curable refractive error (means must not be severe)

  • Person should not have a history of corneal scars

  • One must not have any present eye diseases

  • He/she should be informed about al advantages and disadvantages

  • One should be able to finance the surgery

Preparation for Lasik Eye Surgery

Before the LASIK eye surgery, a counselor will be there to explain you about the procedure and the recovery process. The medical history will be evaluated properly and the eyes’ present condition will be checked thoroughly. Corneal thickness, corneal mapping and pupil dilation tests are the most common tests at this stage. Air pressure will also be monitored. If you have doubts about the surgery, you can always ask the surgeon about it.

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses should be avoided before the surgery. You should stop wearing those at least 2 weeks before the Lasik eye surgery. The contact lenses that you were using should be shown to the eye surgeon. Have only light food before the surgery and take all prescribed medicines. Make up should be avoided and avoid any accessories on head or neck.

Process of Lasik Eye Surgery

Prepare for Lasik: A local anesthesia will be given in form of drops and within 10-15 seconds you will feel that you are sedated. You will be given a very light sedative only.

Placing of Lid to Prevent Blinking:  Numbing drops will be given after you reach operation theatre. Your eye lids will be held back with a lid device as you should not blink during the process.

Creating the Cornea Flap:  A suction ring will be placed on the eye at this stage and the vision will be blocked. As unpleasant feeling of pushing the eyeballs back will happen. The flap will be cut at this stage and the suction ring will be removed after the completion of the process.

Laser Treatment: Patient will be asked to look at a red flashing blob. Then the laser will be directed to the eye cornea. The procedure at this stage will be completed within 5 minutes without any pain.

Post Lasik: The doctor will flush the eyes with saline solutions and some medicinal drops will be used. A plastic shield will be used to protect eyes. After some time the vision gradually becomes clearer after the watering of eyes.