Lasik Eye Surgery Precautions

Lasik Eye Surgery Precautions

There are some important points to consider before a Lasik eye surgery. These precautions may help you in getting better results.

  • The cost factor: The cost for Lasik eye surgery is a bit high and the person should be financially sound to pay it.

  • Refractive instability: If you have refractive instability and have changed the glasses often in the past, it can be difficult for an eye surgeon to assess you.

  • Contact sports participant: You should not be involved in any contact sports before surgery to avoid infections.

There are some other conditions as precautions too.

  • Thin Cornea – Thin corneas are dangerous as the surgery can be a bit complex for people with it. So better to avoid surgery if you have thin corneas.

  • Dry Eyes – Dry eye syndrome may be problematic if the surgery is done with it.It may cause side effects to the patients after the surgery.

  • Large Pupils – People with large pupils may get some side effects like halos after the surgery.

  • Previous Refractive Surgery – Additional refractive surgery is not advisable if you have undergone a particular procedure once.

After the surgery, one must care the eyes in a very special way. The following are the main points.

  • Follow the prescriptions by the doctor

  • No object-eye contact must be there at least for 1-2 weeks

  • Don’t shampoo or use soap in the eyes

  • Don’t interact in dusty surroundings

  • Don’t expose the eyes to direct sunlight

  • Use sunglasses if possible

  • Don’t let the eyes get dry

  • Never rub your eyes

  • Never allow the water jet to hit the eyes

  • Use the special mask for your eyes while you sleep

Recovery After Lasik Eye Surgery

You will have to take rest for sometime after the surgery. The doctor will provide you with a mask which can be used after washing the yes. The eyes will get watered after some time and you may have some irritation too. Some may feel itchy also. After 4-6 hours, the patient may feel better and he may be able to open eyes and he will feel that his vision is gradually improving.

After the surgery, a person can go to work even from the next day. But it is always advisable to take rest for some more days. Provide rest for the eyes for some days to make it focused. One should avoid swimming and hot baths for next 2 months. There may be some glare or fluctuations in vision for almost 1 month. But these symptoms will disappear gradually and the patient will get good eye sight after it.