Benefits of Hair Removal using Laser Treatment

Doctors and scientists were experimenting with technologies for effective and permanent hair removal since the 1970s.  Laser Hair Removal was made available to the public in the mid 1990s.  It is an accepted part of Dermatology practice around the world and is performed in most clinics.

How Laser Hair Removal Works:

The basic principle behind the laser removal system is matching a wavelength of light and a pulse of fixed duration on targeted tissue to get the optimal effect and result – with little effect on surrounding areas.  Light is absorbed by darker objects like hair which have more melanin – which causes hair growth by the follicle.  Due to selective absorption, darker hair is removed more easily than lighter hair. 

Newer and better technologies are being introduced to work at effective and permanent hair removal for people with all colors of skin and hair types.  Laser treatments work towards reducing the total amount of body hair and also the texture. 

Why Laser Hair Removal is Effective:

Laser hair removal is very popular these days because of 2 major reasons

  • Speed and
  • Efficacy

Both of these factors depend on the skill and experience of the person behind the machine with the choices and availability of technologies. 

What to Expect:

This procedure will require 3-8 sessions in the initial set.  Touch up may also require in some cases – especially on larger areas, in the follow up regimen.  This may not work for everyone – sometimes due to incorrect use or low parameters on the device.  Treatments are generally spaced anywhere between 3 to 8 weeks depending on:

  • Body area being treated
  • Hair growth cycle in that particular area.

The face will need to be treated more frequently 3-4 weeks apart.  Legs require less time – a waiting period of 6 weeks between sessions.  This is because hair shedding takes place about 2 or 3 weeks after the treatment.  They have to fall on their own and people are advised not to hasten the process.