Side Effects of Laser Treatment and Symptoms

Laser Hair removal is a laser treatment to remove unwanted hair. Before undergoing this treatment one should take into consideration the risks and side effects associated with it. Make sure that the treatment is done by a professional with an FDA certified laser, which is proved to be safe and has comparatively lesser risks of health hazards.

Pain, redness, scarring, scab formation, purpura, hypopigmentation/ skin lightening, Swelling and infection are the potential side effects of laser hair removal treatment.

The pain associated with the Laser Hair removal treatment is not more intense than waxing. After treatment, the treated area of the skin may look like sunburned for a couple of days. Seek advice from the practitioner to reduce swelling. The swelling can be reduced by cool compresses and moisturizers. Mild cleansers/ soaps may also help. The Laser Hair removal treatment may leave a slight discoloration, which may or may not be permanent. In order to minimise the side effects faster, apply an ice pack to the treated area soon after the treatment. Patients with darker complexions are more likely to get blisters after the treatment. Patients who are having herpes, sensitive skin, allergies and patients with pacemakers should avoid the Laser Hair removal treatment.

Serious side effects are more likely when the treatment is done by using the wrong type of laser for your skin and hair combination, or doing it at the wrong settings for your skin and hair. The risks can be reduced by choosing an appropriate laser type suitable for the individual's skin type and treatment area and using it at appropriate settings.

The possibility of side effects is more when the treatment is done by inexperienced professionals. So before getting the therapy done, make sure that the treatment is done by a qualified and experienced professional trained in laser.

The side effects can be minimised if proper care is taken by both the treating professional and the person undergoing treatment.