Landscape Garden

Introduction: Landscape garden is generally used to describe the English garden design style defining a typical feature of the eighteenth century. It swept the continent standing as a substitute for the formal Renaissance garden and Garden a la francaise models.

History of Landscape Garden

The name “landscape garden” emerged in the 17th century. Before 18th century, the English gardens were inclined to follow French and Dutch fashions and employed garden designers from these countries. English gardens were formal during the latter half of the 17th century, and almost all the European gardens followed the same trend for over a thousand years.

Landscape Garden

The transition to have a new look leaving the traditional one behind began when writers expressed their need to have a more “natural” garden. Renowned author, Sir William Temple’s easy Upon Gardens of Epicurus, first publishes in the year 1962, expressed admiration on the imagination of Chinese Manner of garden design. This helped Europeans to widen their minds and thoughts to the possibility of creating a non-traditional garden.

Design of Landscape Garden

Landscape design and architecture was discovered by a Scotsman in 1828 which used the skill of designers and applied to the skills of man-made landscapes. Landscape design and architecture has become mother of the arts.

Although English landscape gardens were not clearly perceived from Chinese gardens, the perception of these gardens was mainly inspired by European landscape paintings. The landscape garden is most noted for an array of perfumed flowers and abundant, attractive plant life. It also has a romantic element of secluded sitting area and meandering walkways, covered with clinging vines, impressive and dignified shade trees.

With carefully selected design materials and outdoor accessories, one can incorporate an English garden landscape perfect for the afternoon tea. Curving and spiraling pathways surrounded by plants are a mandate of English gardens. Just a walk through the garden enjoying the afternoon breeze in the midst of floral aroma, or following the light of the moon, the design of your garden should add a romantic element and mystery to it.

Architecture of Landscape Garden

Landscape architecture employs garden designers for planning the garden. The range of work includes urban design and urbanization, landscape architecture for public parks, green-ways and cycling, for mineral extraction, forestry, transport, water storage, river reclamation, or either for new towns and green towns.