L Carnosine Nutritional Supplement

L Carnosine Info

Carnosine is a chemical compound with a dipeptide of the amino acids beta alanine and histidine. The carnosine is found in abundant in muscle and brain tissues. The main factor of L-carnosine is that it has the ability to break itself and individually carry out important body functions.

Carnosine Supplement Benefits  

There are a lot of benefits which include its anti-ageing and rejuvenating the skin forms the main amongst the benefits. However carnosine can be used for various other clinical researches. The researches have proved that L-carnosine show improvement in arthritis and bone health, high blood pressure and low blood pressure, regulates blood clotting and eases resultant conditions, wounds and skin health, increased life span and also anti ageing, muscular conditions, ulcers and cancer. However improvements are seen in a few other cases which include improve learning and special awareness (ADHD and Autism). L-carnosine also helps in improving conditions linked to the poor memory and confusion. L-carnosine has also shown improvement in cases such as it helps in increasing the body’s own stem cell production, which has a potential to develop different types of cell in the body and serve as a natural repair system. L-carnosine in the laboratory test has shown capabilities of protecting cells against the oxidative stress and also to increase their resistance towards functional exhaustion.

Who are benefited from Carnosine

Since there are not much of side effects and also that the L-carnosine is non-toxic can be consumed by all people. However not much is known about consumption of L-carnosine and so it is recommended to stay safe and avoid it.

L Carnosine Supplement Side effects

L-carnosine is considered to be very safe but a few side effects are reported though it is used within the guidelines. Children taking L-carnosine as a supplement for autism become more hyperactive, there is a consideration that this might be due to the effect of L- carnosine or it is just that the effect of decrease in autistic symptoms.

L Carnosine Supplement Dosage

L-carnosine is already available in plenty in the body but the sad part is that it decreases with age and therefore physical supplement of L-carnosine is consumed. However the consumption of carnosine depends upon the medical reasons for which you take but there are assumption that one must not take more than 600mg per day for any kind of treatment.