L-Arginine Herbal Supplement

L-Arginine Info

L-arginine is an amino acid generally available in supplement form and found naturally in the diet. L-arginine-rich meals are plant and animal proteins, i.e. dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, and nuts.

Benefits of L-Arginine Supplement

Studies say that L-arginine may be helpful in the following conditions:


Multiple small researches indicate that enhancing ingestion of high L-arginine foods may ease signs, enhance exercise tolerance, and catapult blood vessel function in people with angina.

2.Erectile Dysfunction

There are some indications that L-arginine may be helpful for men facing erectile dysfunction. In a 1999 study it was recommended to consume either 5 grams of L-arginine regularly or a placebo.

3.Congestive Heart Failure

L-arginine may stimulate cardiac functioning in individuals with congestive heart disorder, if a study conducted in 2000 and published in Clinical Cardiology is to be believed. Although, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) warn that L-arginine should not be used as substitute to standard treatments prescribed by a healthcare provider

Side Effects of L-Arginine Supplement

Although L-arginine may be safe when administered for short term, it can lead to a number of side effects including indigestion, bloating, nausea, headache, diarrhea, blood disorder, gout, allergies, airway inflammation, low blood pressure and worsening of asthma.

Enhanced doses of L-arginine may accentuate stomach acid leading to worsening heartburn, ulcers, or digestive upset due to medications.

To be on the safe side, L-arginine should not be taken by diabetic patients and individual who are heart patients and nursing or pregnant women.

Apart from this L-arginine may stimulate signs of herpes in people.

Reasonable Dose of L-Arginine Supplement

The ideal dose of L-arginine has not been ascertained till now. Research on the product is in its early phases, so it is not the ripe time to suggest dosages that are both safe and effective.

Studies have facilitated a wide spectrum of L-arginine doses, starting from as low as 500 mg per day for some cases to up to 2000 mg per day for others. It is advisable to follow the directions on the label of your L-arginine product. Do not go beyond these dosing recommendations unless it is told by your healthcare provider to do so.