Kriya Yoga Techniques

Kriya yoga techniques refer to the spiritual aspect of yoga. Followers of this form of yoga feel that it brings about in them a feeling of tranquility, harmony, balance and purity. Kriya yoga also enshrines the principle of the “disciple” and the “Master”. Therefore, this form brings in the element of a one-on-one relation between the master and the disciple.

Powerful Forms of Kriya Yoga

Kriya yoga is considered to be one of the most powerful forms of yoga. Yoga generally helps to open up the spinal channels and balances the energy in the spine. Kriya yoga goes one step further and helps controlling the life force by mentally moving it up and down the spine. It is believed that a single kriya which lasts about 30 seconds is equal to a year of natural spiritual development.

How to Practice with Kriya Yoga

  • Be Prepared to get Spiritual: Kriya yoga is an extremely spiritually-oriented program. Therefore, if you are thinking of going in for this form of yoga, you must be mentally ready to connect with God and spirituality.

  • No Books: At the very outset, one should understand that the entire knowledge of Kriya yoga is not held in books. This type of yoga it is mostly imparted through indoctrination – it must be learned from a “Kriya” or Kriyaban” or “Kriya Yogi”.

  • Connect with your Guru: This can also be taken metaphorically, as even in the absence of your guru; you can savor the relationship which will help you to achieve self-realization.

  • Make your Mind Ready: Unlike other breathing techniques in yoga, Kriya yoga concentrates on creating harmony between the central nervous system and the spine through breathing techniques. 

  • Choose your own Chant: As chanting is a basic activity while performing Kriya yoga, it would be a good idea to select a chant that you would like to do. You can listen to some tapes and DVDs and/or ask your guru to give you some suggestions.

  • Devotion: Have faith in what you are doing. Kriya yoga is not for non-believers. If you chant with devotion, then and then only will you feel the negative energy leaving your body and the positive energy entering it.

  • Read about it: Before you get seriously into Kriya yoga, you should read about it. There is a lot of literature on Kriya yoga and it is important to know the extent of the commitment required before getting involved with this type of yoga.

Benefits of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga goes beyond the physical barriers of the body. While it helps to develop a healthy and physically fit body, it is the emotional and spiritual aspects that are the most prominent.

  1. A True Religious Experience: It is said that by reading about religion, it is possible to learn about it. However, by practicing Kriya yoga, it is believed that one can actually experience religion. Kriya yoga is said to open the “spiritual eye”, thereby relegating the rest of the world away from the consciousness. 

  2. Opening up to God: The prayer and devotion that is involved during the practice of Kriya Yoga is believed to be an ideal means for opening oneself to the blessings of the divine powers. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to focus on prayer when the mind roams elsewhere. However, the practice of Kriya yoga is thought to increase the force of prayer exponentially.

  3. A Highly Developed Means to Contact God: Kriya Yoga is considered as the most powerful means of contacting God. With these communions, bliss and peace is achieved. 

  4. Eradication of Bad Mental Habits: Habits are believed to form a “groove” in the human brain. The patterns formed by these grooves cause a person to behave in a particular way, often against the will. However, by practicing meditation through Kriya Yoga, it is possible to eradicate these bad habits.


If a person is spiritually inclined and has a strong mental endurance, then that person can find peace and solitude in the practice of Kriya yoga. Regular practice of Kriya Yoga can elevate an individual above the spiritual levels of average people.