Kriya Yoga Practice

Kriya Yoga Practice

According to Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu mythology, Kriya Yoga is a technique of making a bridge between the human mind and the outer world. It is an enlightening experience. Krishna, when he obtained the great Maharupa (showed himself as the creator of everything of the universe) and came in front of Arjuna in the great battle of Kurukhsestra and told that he created the universe and everything depended to him therefore he (Arjuna) had to look ahead and keep on working as everything already fixed. According to the philosophy of the Gita, the practice of submerging soul to the god is the Kriya Yoga. It can be done by Sadhana (practice of pure devotion). 

Kriya Yoga in Modern Era

Swami Satyananda said, "Kriya sadhana may be thought of as the sadhana of the practice of being in Atman.”

In modern times, Kriya Yoga is revived with the book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramhansa Yogananda. Today, Kriya Yoga is considered as one of the most effective yoga techniques to purify human soul. However, it is mostly depends on philosophical exercises

Kriya Yoga is a useful Yoga practice in modern era. It is now getting gradually popularized all over the world. There are many useful benefits of practicing Kriya Yoga.

Most Important Techniques of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is considered as the father of Yoga practice. It is mostly related with deep breathing exercises and concentration of mind. Mind acts a pivotal role in Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga often comes together with Kundalini Yoga. In Kundalini Yoga, you have to awake the serpent power that sleeps inside your physic and that enables to make a tunic form among all seven chakras, which empowers human body to protect it for all kinds of physical or mental hazards. In Kriya Yoga, mind reaches super power and it controls the human in all actions.

5 Useful Tips of Kriya Yoga

Many Levels of Technical Pranayama 

Kriya Yoga has many levels of Pranayama practice. Pranayama means taking breath is a systematic manner that involves full concentration of mind. It is a technical breathing style. The style includes inhaling breath into the outgoing breath at the same time you have to control outgoing breath. You have to be able to neutralize both outgoing and incoming breath. 

Speed up Spiritual Development 

Kriya Yoga helps speed up spiritual development. Spirituality is the core part of Kriya Yoga. Once you acquire higher level of spiritual understanding that helps you purify your mind. Purified mind can give you a perfect spiritual soul. This leads an enlightening state. 

Insightful State of Tranquility 

Tranquility of mind controls your every action. Your actions will purify with spiritual attainment. It is a state of philosophical development of mind. You will understand the difference between a normal state of mind and a philosophical development of mind.  

Understand the Power of The Mind

Mind has more power than physic. In olden times, sages of Indian soil made remarkable deeds by their strong minds. You have to understand the importance and the capability of human minds. Kriya Yoga empowers the capability of mind. Once you have strong mind with controlling power you can control your whole life attaining higher level of spiritual development. 

Thoughts of God

Kriya Yoga enables you to have the thought of the God. It is often called God-communion. In this state of mind, a human being can live at the utmost level of pleasure, which is also called true sense of joy.