Know More about Shakti Yoga

Know More about Shakti Yoga

Lisa Black founded Shakti Yoga in 2003. Shakti is a word derived from the Sanskrit language, which means power. Shakti Yoga includes commanding techniques of powerful styles. Most of the elements of Shakti Yoga are similar with Vinyasa Yoga. However, Shakti Yoga is the name of powerful elements, which provide complete solution of Yoga practice. Shakti Yoga is usually practiced after getting well versed with initial yoga techniques. Most of the people often confused with Power Yoga and Shakti Yoga but Power Yoga is different from Shakti Yoga. There are many powerful techniques in Shakti Yoga, which are not available with Power Yoga. According to Lisa Black, Shakti Yoga is a form of powerful styles, which are practiced in a studio heated up to comfort level.

Shakti Yoga Elements 

  • Philosophy - Shakti Yoga inculcates philosophical doctrines. It is purely philosophical Yoga. If you understand the philosophy behind it, you can have much benefit from the practice of this Yoga.
  • Chanting - Chanting is also one of the main elements of this Yoga. Chanting covers a big part in Shakti Yoga.
  • Music - Music empowers one to do consistent practice in Shakti Yoga. Music is a very important element in Shakti Yoga.
  • Pranayama (Breath Regulation) - Breathing deep in various styles are the most important element of Shakti Yoga. You need to know how breaths are taken and understand techniques of breathing.
  • Vinyasa (Flow) - Proper flow of techniques. You need to understand how to use flow movements in your practice.
  • Arm balancing - Arm balancing is also important element. Proper balancing your arms will give you complete posture that is required to make perfect posture while practicing.
  • Back bending - Bending your back up to required level is important. You need to do lot of practice to be prefect in back bending.
  • Inversion – Combing the power between mind and soul. Yoga practice enables you to have inversion between these two.
  • Hip opening - You need to understand how to open the hip while practicing this Yoga. It’s a kind of technical posture, which gives you complete warm up to your body.
  • Moving meditation - While practicing, you need to do meditation. Usually meditation is done in a still manner but in Shakti Yoga you need to do meditation while practicing postures.
  • Complete Relaxation - You need to understand how to take complete relaxation while practicing this Yoga. It’s a kind of full attainment of involvement in this Yoga.

Philosophical Message through Shakti Yoga

  • Shakti — Shakti means fundamental power. All human being has fundamental power. They need to understand it and utilize in a way to get the benefit.
  • Yoga — Yoga is a method of combining the contrasting forces of mind and body with a view to comprehend that human being has a divine soul.
  • Asana — There are various type of body postures, which can unlock all the seven chakras of human being to mix it in a tune of energy flowing which are called Asana.
  • Prana — Prana means the elixir of life or soul. People have to understand the eternal power of soul.
  • Bodhicitta — Bodhicitta means self awakening. It is a way of reaching the God.
  • Om — Om means divine power of the universe. It is the main power of the universe by which everything is connected.
  • Bhakti — Bhakti means devotion with purity. Devotion is mandatory to understand the vitality of human life. Complete devotion can let you understand the importance of the human life.
  • Dharma — Dharma is the right path. Human being should always take the right path. The right path determines righteousness in every step of life.
  • Satya — Satya means truth. Speaking truth and attaining truth is the fact of life. Being truthfulness purifies mind.
  • Karma — Karma means action. Action determines the way of life. Without action life cannot pass on. However, every action should have righteousness.
  • Jivanmukta — Jivanmukta means liberty of the soul. To understand the liberty of the soul. It’s a philosophical term, which says the complete freedom of life.
  • Shanti — Shanti means peace. Shanti is related to the final goal. The ultimate peace is the main solution of life.