Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen

In almost all homes, the kitchen is considered to be the "heart of the home." In Feng Shui the kitchen represents health and wealth. After all, it's no chance that local parlance for money include "bread" and "dough" or "to put food on the table" – it all stand for earning money. Transforming the energy and love that are poured into methodology of making food, the kitchen also represents nourishment. A cluttered kitchen is a clear signal that you are not properly managed, and if you're trying to stay slim, beware of a kitchen that's too "visible." 

Tips to Create Kitchen Feng Shui

Here are some Kitchen Feng Shui suggestions for generating a healthy, wealthy and wise kitchen:

Obstruct Kitchen if Clearly Viewed From Entrance

If your kitchen is clearly viewed on entering the house, negative energies will have a clear attack on your house and will keep accumulating there. To defuse these energies, place something between the main door and kitchen that is a center point - like a big vase of flowers on a table to attract attention prior to the eyes reaching the kitchen. You could also cover up the kitchen using a pocket door, an attractive opaque glass door, or a fabric curtain.

East or Southeast of your Home-Ideal Place for Kitchen

The worst locations for building a kitchen is in the west or northwest where the energies can cause health issues and ongoing conflicts for the primary bread earner. If your kitchen is situated in the west or northwest area of your house, place your stove located in the east or southeast sector of your kitchen.

Stove Important Component in Kitchen

While "triangle" patterns are famous in kitchen art, the stove is considered to be a Feng Shui fire element hence it should not be placed right adjacent to the refrigerator and sink which are both water elements. Water elements put out fire which could badly affect your money matters. So, allow at least three feet distance between the stove and the sink or fridge. If they are next to each other, place a small vase between the two to retain the energy of your stove (and funds). If you have an island stove that is placed directly across your sink, this system can create arguments and conflicts as fire and water energies clash. A green rug will emanate wood energy and hence putting a green plant on the floor between the stove and the sink will enable to diffuse the conflicting energy. Fresh flowers can also be placed which will attract beautiful boosting energy to the kitchen. In kitchen feng shui, dried flowers are devoid of any life energy in them, so they are not appreciated.

Keep Stove Clean and Burners Working Properly

Don't just facilitate one burner. Use all your burners in turns or simultaneously to attract a flow of funds from many different sources.

Light up Kitchen 

Install lamps or hang lights that inhibit more light upwards. Consider adding lighting inside glass cupboards to illuminate your crystal and china. Placing large mirrors can also assist brightening the kitchen and open up a small, dark space. You can also use fader shades as well to enable your kitchen look even brighter.

Keep your Kitchen Organized and Cutter Fee

It is more easy and enjoyable to prepare meal in a tidy kitchen. You will be able to find whatever components you need. Whatever you are thinking and feeling while cooking these energies will get into your cooking and the food cooked. If your feelings are cramped, devastated or chaotic, the meal will soak this energy. Being mindful and calm when cooking will enhance the vibrations in the food which in turn enables to nourish us.

Keep Refrigerator Clean 

You want everything about your refrigerator to represent health, nutrition, and well-being. That's why it's important to keep everything pertaining to your fridge fresh. So start by cleaning the overwhelming and blocked energy that can be generated by having the outer part of your fridge decorated with flyers, photos and invitations. Remove the excess paper. As you remove it, the energy becomes calmer. It's also important to keep the inside of your refrigerator clean and vibrant. Be alert in throwing out rotten foods, cleaning down shelves, and managing what's left. When you open the door to your fridge, you need to literally feel the harmonious vibe emanating out to keep you and your family healthy and peaceful.

Other Tips For Kitchen Feng Shui

If you face the wall while cooking, this position is believed to be very adverse in kitchen feng shui. Place a mirror on the wall above the stove to view the other parts of house while you cook.The stove represents wealth, so it is important to keep its fire energy cemented. Wood feeds fuel, so plants or plant imageries are good to have around and close to the stove.


When your kitchen is bright, clean, and inviting, the heart of your home is coupled with good kitchen feng shui. The care and attention you offer to enhance this prominent area of the home generates a powerful, positive vibe that sustains the health and prosperity of your family.

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