Kim Kardashian Makeup Get the Glamorous Look

Kim Kardashian is a well known American personality worldwide. She is an actress, socialite and a model. Kim is known for her unique style and makeup, especially for her appearances in ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

There are many women and girls who like her style and want to look like her. Kim for sure has a huge fan following as she can carry herself with poise and confidence. Below are a few makeup tips for every woman who craves to look like her.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Tips

Cleansing the face

Before you go ahead and start applying the makeup, you need to wash your face and dab it dry. Then apply a makeup primer to get a smooth look. This is something that Kim applies as a makeup base. After applying the makeup primer, massage the face gently with a moisturizer (if required) and then put some foundation. Kim personally prefers makeup products from ‘Intuit’. 


The next step is to apply a concealer that covers your blemishes and under eye circles. You can go for any brand you prefer, but when it comes to Kim, she goes for Cre De Peau Concealer stick in Ocher. Her other choices are MAC concealer in NW25 as this takes care of the dark circles and blemishes.


The foundation can be applied in a mixture of- two parts of 4 Medium Beige and one part of Makeup Forever Liquid Lift in 5 Golden Beige. Kim Kardashian gets the perfect blend of this foundation. Both these colors are mixed in equal proportion with a MAC Brush No.180. This helps in giving a perfect finish.

Powder for a Finish

To give a more defined look, you can use a MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC30. If you would have noticed that Kim Kardashian has a perfect tan, so to get that you can use a powder brush and NW45. Nothing can beat this product as you can get the look of what you wish to have.


Blush is very important to give a natural touch to the skin. Kim says that applying blush is an important part of her makeup. Gingerly shade is her favorite which gives a warm and natural hue to her cheeks. You can use the cream blush as it lasts for a long time and gives a very good finish.

Eye Makeup

When comes to eye makeup, MAC paint Pot in Painteny is one of her favorite. This is a cream based eye shadow that gives a very good look to the eyes. Apply a layer of it and gently spread it over both the eyelids. This also prevents any creases from getting formed. Kim uses Stila Eye Pencil in Onyx to define her eyes.

Follow the above makeup tips and look as lovely and stunning as Kim Kardashian. Remember to choose your brands correctly and get the desired look. Doing makeup like one of your favorite celebrity is always fun.