Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga

Karma is the act of selflessness. It is considered to be the count of sins in the Hindu philosophy. There are many meanings for karma. In Bhagavd Gita, karma has a lot of importance. It is said that the life after death will be dependent on how good your karma is. Hinduism is completely based on this particular concept of karma. Yoga has been instrumental in helping people cleanse their karma and also strengthen themselves from following karma. Another way of emphasizing karma is by following the laws of karma. There are many laws of karma which are considered to be the good deeds which every human being should do in his life time. Anything which contradicts these laws is not considered to be a good deed.

What is Karma Yoga

Karma yoga is a practice of what good you are doing in your day to day life. Every action you do and every reaction which you get should be restored in the Lord. Some of the most important characteristics of Karma yoga are to learn how to detach you from the worldly things. In karma yoga you perform actions where you submit yourself with the divine lord. Karma yoga is a selfless deed which you are supposed to do for the sake of the humanity.

Action is the most unavoidable act which one has to do. Diverting these actions to a more constructive and valuable service. This very reason one should practice karma yoga. Karma yoga helps the practitioner to gain knowledge about the self. There is no valuable knowledge than the knowledge of oneself. The act of helping without expectation of a return help are all considered to be a selfless act. There are only two basic eligibility of doing karma yoga, the practitioner should be detached to the thought of gaining fruits from his action and he has to dedicate his energy to glorify the god.

How to do Karma Yoga

Karam yoga does not involve any wealth or valuables in its practice. The practice is more from heart and mind. When you find a hungry dog then you need to feed him make him play and assure him that he is safe. This is a selfless act. You need to do such services more in your life time so that your heart is purified. The divine lord is known to have more love to those who are pure at heart. This is why there is lots of importance to good deeds in the world. Appreciation of a karma is always genuine and also you don’t cause any ill feelings in others heart.

Benefits of Karma Yoga

Irrespective of what karma states, one has to know what exactly the benefits of doing karma yoga are. The practice of karma yoga is one of the best ways of purifying your heart and removing most of the complexes. When you are detaching yourself from materialistic bonds then there is no reason for you to envy or be jealous of someone.
You should understand the power of Karma yoga. The following points give you a brief description of the benefits of Karma yoga –

    •  Your ego will be cleansed and you will have a pure and healthy heart.
    • The person is well respected in the society and natural liking to that person is spread.
    • You will be relieved from the harsh feeling which you feel on yourself. You will start enjoying the essence of life in the true sense.
    • In a particular practice of yoga called Nishkarma Karma yoga, you won’t go through any loss of gain. Small practice of this type of yoga will help you eradicate the fear of death from your mind.