Kandalee ka Saag Recipe

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Main course
Preparation Time:
20 minutes
Indian Cuisine
pan and pot
Skill Level:
Quick And Easy

Kandalee ka Saag Ingredients

  • Kandalee - 1 kg
  • Jhakiya - 25 grams
  • Oil - 3 tablespoon
  • Salt - to taste

Preparation Method for Kandalee ka Saag Recipe

  • Pick the small and tender kandalee leaves (locally called as Bichu ghas) and boil in water in a large pot.
  • Cook with the lid of the pot open until the leaves get cooked and become pulpy and then drain off the excess moisture.
  • In a pan, heat 3 table spoon of oil and add Jhakiya to it, next add the drained kandelee leaves and fry it till done.
  • Add salt to taste and serve it hot, garnished with some chopped almonds or pistachios.