Jessica Simpson Makeup

Having her own hair and makeup lines available in the market, Jessica Simpson's look is imitated by several women and teen girls everywhere. Although she is a popular star, she walks on the red carpet and is star of big screen movies, Jessica Simpson's look is in fact quite simple and natural. She used to wear neutral colors on her cheeks, eyes, and lips, and smoky eyeliner and mascara to highlight the eyes.

The foremost thing to note is while Jessica’s make-up is mostly very glamorous, it isn’t “over-the-top” with sparkle and color. It isn’t a glitzy, shimmery, sparkly colorful look. It’s a look that saying I’m not actually wearing a lot of make-up. In fact, it’s a look that takes a lot of effort to look “without wearing much of it”. The other noticeable thing about the look is that it is quite horizontal in its approach. The applications are more into expanding the eyes and simmering the edges without losing the features. It’s a soft and seductive look that never crosses over to coquettishly or trashy.

So, let’s have a look at how you, too, can obtain Jessica’s soft, romantic look:


First, as always, you must begin with a freshly washed face and administer your favorite moisturizer to work as a base coat. Now use foundation make-up as the follow up step to even out and smooth the skin tone and you are all set to start.


Apply a tinted foundation complementing your skin color. Makeup artist of Jessica - Karan Mitchell likes to use a blend of MAC Face and Body Foundation in colors C6 and N4.


To further even the complexion and any discoloration from tired eyes or dark circles, apply a first coat of concealer, additional foundation or tinted moisturizer and blend it out around the eyes. Be careful to avoid getting it on the lashes as some of the moisturizers or oils available in the foundation make-up could disturb the mascara coat making it less evenly.


Now, apply a bronzer or light powder to set the foundation. Jessica Simpson's face always exhibits a light glow which is obtained by applying a sparkly power or bronzer. Use bronzer to your cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose.

Use Cream Blush Wheel

Use a cream blush wheel to blend colors together thoroughly. Pick a wheel with neutral and light pinks, as Jessica Simpson's cheeks are generally light and natural looking. Her makeup artist Karan Mitchell uses Ben Nye Cream Rouge Wheel to give Jessica's cheeks that “Jessica look”.


Now, it’s time to line the eyes, again with the help of dark powder shadow and a fine tipped brush you can create the magic with the eyes. Keep the line tight enough to give it a soft look. Define the lash line by applying dark, chocolate-brown mascara.

Eye Shadow

Start the shading of the eye using a medium-toned fuscous shadow powder. Cover the eyelid and stretch the color a little to the inside and a little more to the outside of the eye, repeat the application to the lower lid, but extend the lower lid only toward the outside of the eye. Add the finishing contours of the eye shading by using a deeper brown powder shadow to the eyes, beginning with a thick band from the inside of the eye running all through the crease of the brow and lid. As you draw the shadow along the crease, attempt to make the line more narrow and fuse it into the taupe mid-shade. Facilitate the deeper shadow on the outer edge of the eye to stretch the look of the eye and offer a counter-balance by facilitating a tiny dot to the inner edge of the eye socket juxtapose to the bridge of the nose. With the help of a soft brush, gently blend the look to smear any hard lines. Apply slight horizontal strokes to inhibit breaking the focus.


Next is filling the eyebrows! Fill in the eyebrows with a dark powder shadow instead of a waxy pencil. The softness of the power line enables to discard the “drawn in” appeal, at the same time it helps to adjust the curve and angle of the brow. Generally, you will want to have your brows shaped professionally just to offer a neat and sharp finish. 


Wear a pair of fake eyelashes in addition to eye shadows in corals, pinks, or neutrals. Draw the line with a brown or black eyeliner pencil on the upper and lower lines of your eyes. For an “evening Jessica Simpson look” apply a bit heavy eyeliner and smudge the lower rim slightly. Give your a finishing touch to your makeup with lipstick which can be either a peach or beige color. Apply a suitable gloss over the lipstick. Jessica is often seen wearing Bourjois' Ultra Gloss Lipstick.


So, now you are ready to wear Jessica Simpson’s makeup at any special or even regular routine, as it is quite simple and yet sensual and appealing!