Jenny Craig Diet What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

Jenny Craig Diet is almost 30 year old programme and it has various stages through one undergoes in achieving good eating habits. Its aim is to remove extra weight from the body by synchronizing the food, mind and body in the most productive ways. It is a calorie based system and has three important stages. First stage is called the pre packaged food stage; second stage is called transition to normal and regular diets; and the third stage is known as long term weight maintenance. This programme has been incorporated by Jenny Craig and her husband in Australia in the year 1983. Since then it has been implemented in many countries and continents successfully. This diet programme is being run in two ways, at centre and at home modes.

Jenny Craig Diet

  • First Stage: Here the practitioners eat foods that are pre packaged and prepared by Craig programme where they include some fruit items also. At this stage they get the right proportion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Second Stage: At this stage they get proper written material for diet charts, meal planning and eating advices. It aims at creating lifelong habits of having healthy food items.
  • Third Stage: It is a stage where dieters achieve their goal of weight reduction and carry it on for their whole life.

What Are Its Benefits: The Jenny Craig Diet Programme is very beneficial as it has designed in such a way that it includes all the important ingredients required for a healthy and fit body like fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamins, proteins etc. Here are its main benefits.

  1. It offers a calculated food diet that ensures the optimum calories and one does not put extra weight.
  2. These foods are delivered at door step and dieter gets calorie rich food items readymade.
  3. It helps in achieving the desired weight in the given time because of the high quality of food items. it also ensures desired results in the stipulated time frames.
  4. These foods are much customized and have been prepared as per the body requirements of the individuals. It also creates the accuracy in achieving the diet chart results.
  5. The dieters get extensive personalized counseling time to time for the enhanced results. It prevents the person from getting frustrated if the results are not as expected.
  6. These foods are very flexiable and do not put very strict restrictions on the person. They offer slow weight reduction techniques and help the person in continuing the normal routine without any extra fatigue.
  7. Jenny Craig offers social networking facilities also where dieter can take help from others and start believing in the results.
  8. Dieter can put the order online and get the items at their doorstep without wasting time.
  9. These dietary programme offer flexiability in mode of operations. One can start it at home or join the full fledged Jenny Craig fitness center.
  10. Foods included in the diet chart are very healthy and balanced. They carry low amount of fat, sodium and cholesterol.