Iron Supplements that Increase the Oxygen Levels in Blood

An essential mineral and nutrient,iron is important for the entire process of respiration, encompassing electron and oxygen regulation. Iron is necessary for the production and activities of hemoglobin, which transmits almost all of the oxygen in the blood to different sites throughout the body.

It is necessary for the body to receive the right amount of iron. Deficiency of iron in the body’s system may result in microcytic hypochromic anemia. So, iron supplement has become a global health supplement.

Benefits of Iron Supplement

There are several benefits of iron supplement which may include:

1.Troublesome Periods

Iron supplements may allow you to ease the pain related to monthly menstruation. For this regular iron supplement is required.


Weak body or occasional tiredness are linked to poor iron ingestion in the diet, this condition can improve by ingesting iron supplements.

3.Improve Concentration

Young girls having poor dietary iron consumptions may generally have poor academic performance as their concentration is low. Iron supplements can remove this deficiency.

4.Treat Anaemia

If you are suffering from deficiency of blood, your physician would generally recommend you iron supplements.

Dosage of Iron Supplement

Generally suggested dose for iron deficiency in adults is nearly 100 mg per day. Mostly after the deficiency has been rectified, the quantity of iron supplement is reduced.
In a few cases, premenopausal women may require iron supplement to avoid any iron deficiency. Most of the time a multivitamin-mineral supplement with 18 mg of iron is appropriate to overcome the deficiency.


Iron, in the form of ferrous sulfate can lead to accidental poisonings specifically in children. In 1986, such incidents shot up dramatically. Children have lost their lives from consuming as little as 200 mg of iron. It is suggested that all supplements particularly those having iron, be stored safely in an area not reachable to children.